22 Oct

The role of the SSD and Mac Data Recovery.

Once upon a time, Mac data recovery didn’t pose much of a challenge. This was because previously, Macbook computers had removable spinning hard disk drives (HDD) or replaceable solid-state drives (SSD). The role of SSD and Mac data recovery is vital for us at IT Tech. Both the HDD and SSD are internal Macbook components

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macbook water damage repair

14 Oct

How To Save Your MacBook From Water Damage

If you’re reading this, there is a high chance you are facing a MacBook water damage disaster. Maybe you accidentally knocked a glass of water over your keyboard. Or perhaps you were unlucky enough to be caught in the rain while commuting with your laptop. Whatever the scenario is, IT-Tech Online is here to help

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Macbook not turning on - IT Solutions

07 Oct

Why Is My MacBook Not Turning On?

MacBooks are the most sought after Apple product because of their advanced hardware design, quality manufacturing,  and optimised dedicated macOS for the specific hardware. Usually, they are trouble-free products that can give you years of loyal service. They won’t need hours updating software, fixing hardware compatibility problems or widespread virus issues. Above all, they have

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