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07 Oct

Why Is My MacBook Not Turning On?

MacBooks are the most sought after Apple product because of their advanced hardware design, quality manufacturing,  and optimised dedicated macOS for the specific hardware. Usually, they are trouble-free products that can give you years of loyal service. They won’t need hours updating software, fixing hardware compatibility problems or widespread virus issues. Above all, they have

Apple Mac Repairs

06 Sep

Apple Mac Repairs – Basic & Advanced

Are you looking for Apple Mac Repairs? Look no further than IT-Tech Online. We have nearly 20 years of experience repairing a range of Mac problems. We know how reliant you are on your laptop, so we offer a range of repair services, within 2-3 days.  The Apple Macbook product line made its original debut

08 Jul

How to fix Macbook Air 11″ A1465 no Wi-Fi issue?

Background: MacBook Air 11″ fully functional except no Wi-Fi. Apple quoted $700 for replacing the whole logic board. Macbook model: A1466 Year: 2015 Logic Board number: 820-00164. Diagnosis: Remove the old Wi-Fi card, replace with our known good one. Boot into OS, and there is still no Wi-fi hardware found. It confirms that the fault

08 Jul

How to fix MacBook Pro 15” retina 2012 no power issue?

Background: The MacBook had been damaged by water and had been cleaned by a local computer store in Queensland but still not working. The owner was told the logic board is faulty and the MacBook cannot be repaired. MacBook Model Number A1398 Year 2012 and Logic board Number 820-3332. Diagnosis: The logic board is nice

08 Jul

How to fix 2018 MacBook Pro 15” touch bar not working issue?

Background: New MacBook Pro 15″ has been water-damaged, fully functional except the touch bar not working. Apple quoted $2000 for replacing the entire logic board. MacBook Model Number A1990 Year 2018 Logic Board Number 820-01041-07. Diagnosis: This latest model was just released a few months ago cost $4000+.There is no schematic (electronic circuit diagrams), no

08 Jul

How to repair MacBook Air 13” A1466 boots to OS and then stops in halfway issue?

Background: The MacBook is very clean, no water no physical damage. A report from an Apple Authorized Service Provider has suggested replacing the logic board. MacBook Model Number A1466 Year 2015 and Logic Board Number 820-00165. Diagnosis: The MacBook can boot into ASD but not into OS. We replace the SSD drive with our known