MacBook Trackpad Replacement

MacBook Pro battery replacement

Trackpad replacement costs $80-$350 depending on your Mac model. We are a leading Mac repair specialist in Melburne and provide professional MacBook trackpad replacement services at affordable prices. We can replace the trackpad for you on the same day.

This is common that the trackpad on your MacBook sees more wear and tear than most other parts of your laptop. A small amount of spilled drink can go right into the trackpad via the surrounding gaps. Most failed trackpads are directly from liquid damage or high humidity. If your Mac has the following symptoms, you need to replace the trackpad.

  1. * cursor doesn’t move 
  2. * cursor moves by itself
  3. * doesn’t register a click
  4. * cursor jumps all the time
  5. * trackpad pops up from the case

MacBook Pro trackpad replacement

We stock a full range of MacBook Pro trackpads including the retina MacBook trackpads. In some MacBooks, Apple has designed them in a way where the trackpad is very difficult to replace. If you have a faulty trackpad, Apple stores will replace the entire top case assembly including the battery, keyboard, aluminium top case and trackpad all together. This is a waste repair and it is very expensive. We can replace the trackpad without replacing the entire top case, and save you a lot of money.

Macbook Pro Trackpad Replacement Cost:

MacBook Pro Description Price (AUD) Macbook Model
13" Macbook Pro 2009-2012 trackpad
15" Macbook Pro 2009-2012 trackpad
17" Macbook Pro 2009-2011 Trackpad
13" Macbook Pro 2012-2015 Trackpad
A1425, A1502
15" Macbook Pro 2012-2015 Trackpad
13" Macbook Pro 2016-2020 Trackpad
A1706, A1708, A1989, A2159, A2251, A2289, A2338
15" Macbook Pro 2016-2019 Trackpad
A1707, A1990
16" Macbook Pro 2019-2021 Trackpad
A2141, A2485
14" Macbook Pro 2021 Trackpad

MacBook Air trackpad replacement

Water damage is the most common cause of MacBook Air trackpad failure. The cable that connects the logic board to the trackpad is directly under the trackpad gaps. The liquid will damage the cable and the trackpad connector. We can replace the trackpad and the cable.

Macbook Air Trackpad Replacement Cost:

MacBook Air Description Price (AUD) MacBook Model
11" Macbook Air 2010-2011 Trackpad
13" Macbook Air 2010-2011 Trackpad
11" Macbook Air 2012-2017 Trackpad
13" Macbook Air 2012-2017 Trackpad
13" Macbook Air 2018-2021 Trackpad
A1932, A2179, A2337

MacBook trackpad replacement

If you notice the trackpad pops up from the case, you may have a swollen battery. The expanded battery will push the trackpad up and eventually damage it. You need to get your Mac repaired as soon as possible.

Macbook Trackpad Replacement Cost:

MacBook Description Price (AUD) MacBook Model
13" Macbook 2008 Trackpad
13" Macbook 2009-2010 Trackpad
A1181, A1342
12" Macbook Retina Screen 2015-2017 Trackpad

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