MacBook Water Damage Repair

If you’ve spilled water on your MacBook and it’s no longer working, Apple may have given you a repair bill of $1000+ or even told you that the Mac is not repairable. But don’t worry! MacBook water damage is a common but very stressful issue. However, the fix is easier than you might think.

Macbook Air Water Damage

We are a Mac repair specialist in Melbourne with 25 years of experience repairing water-damaged MacBooks. We can fix your MacBook in 2 days for a fraction of Apple’s quoted price. Most water-damaged Mac laptops, be it a MacBook, MacBook Air,  MacBook Pro, or MacBook Pro TouchBar, are absolutely salvageable. 

How much does the MacBook water damage repair cost?

Liquid or water-damaged MacBooks can be professionally repaired at a reasonable cost. Most customers leave our store paying between $250-$800, depending on their problem and the MacBook model. The degree of damage depends on how you handle the liquid spill. If you switch the MacBook off immediately after the spill and NEVER turn it on again, you pretty much guarantee your beloved MacBook is repairable and at a much lower cost. Severe damage happens at the moment you turn on a liquid-damaged and then dried MacBook.

After receiving your MacBook, we will perform a diagnostic assessment. We will let you know what has been liquid-damaged and how much it costs to repair or replace. For customers who use our postal service, we inform you which component(s) most likely have been damaged and the faulty component(s) costs before you post the MacBook to us.

Is my data safe on a water-damaged MacBook?

Yes, in most cases. From our experience of repairing hundreds of water-damaged MacBooks every year, the components being damaged from likely to unlikely are in this order: logic board, keyboard, touchpad, battery, screen, and hard drive. So your data is quite safe as long as it is in a removable hard drive, be it an SSD or a conventional spinning hard drive. Since 2015, Apple started to integrate (solder) the SSD chips onto the logic board. This new design makes Mac data recovery much harder. We provide Mac data recovery on MacBook Pro TouchBar models from 2016-2017. We can recover the data in the SSD chips via the emergency port known as “lifeboat". Apple removes the “lifeboat" port and encrypts the data with the Apple T2 Security Chip in all 2018 models onwards. For those MacBooks, the only way to recover the data is to repair the logic board and make the MacBook at least temporarily working. If the logic board is not repairable, the data will be definitely gone.

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Where can I find independent customer reviews for your service?

We are very proud of our 300+ Five-star rating on Google Reviews, and we always work hard to maintain the top rating by providing excellent services to every customer. Before making a repair decision, please check out what our customers said on the Google Reviews below:

Frances was amazing. All hope was lost after spilling water into my laptop. Apple said there was nothing that could be done and offered to recycle my old and supposedly laptop and offered a new one, at full price of course. Not one to give up easily I found Frances and upon arrival she seemed 100% confident she could fit it. 48 hours later laptop was totally fixed, all data there it was as if the spill never happened and at 420$ it was a hellva lot cheaper than buying a new laptop. I couldn't believe it! Any Mac issues go to Frances, especially water damage she is a magic worker. THANK YOU SO MUCH X
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Claire Milne

Absolutely, 100% recommend this service! I had no troubles with attaining a quote, assessment or repair with Frances and her team! After taking my liquid damaged laptop to three other repair technicians and receiving expensive and varied quotes, I stumbled upon IT-Tech Online. Living in NSW, there was no drama sending my device to Melbourne and everything was conducted efficiently and professionally -- having my laptop back within a week! I am forever grateful to the team and IT-Tech for repairing my device for a more than reasonable price! Extremely personable and understanding, willing to provide the best deal in a professional manner -- again, get the team at IT-Tech Online to repair your Mac!!!!
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Ella Molinia

Professional quick turn around repair for my MacBook Pro. Apple quoted AU$3200 (literally a new Mac), Frances at IT-Tech Online quoted AU$580. He helped with everything including what packaging to use. Communication was constant and I knew exactly what the status of my repair was and when my Mac was being returned. The repair took one day from the time my MacBook arrived at IT-Tech Online. I can recommend IT-Tech Online for Mac repairs without a shadow of doubt.
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Andrew Petrie

Laptop received by IT-TECH on a Tuesday got it back (to Brisbane) fixed by Thursday. Got a quote by an Apple Certified Technician at three times the price. IT-TECH kept me up to date by phone at every stage. I would have preferred email as I don't have a smart phone (had trouble with the pictures sent) but it's not their fault I'm a Luddite. I also would have liked a report on the problem rather than just "Repair of Logic Board", for curiosity's sake and also so I can tell the Apple guy what sort of a con game they run. But a great job at a good price done quickly. Highly recommended. I was looking for an alternative to Louis Rossmann in Australia and I think I found it.
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Tefnut Shu

Unfortunately my MacAirbook had symptoms of water damage, after searching the web for symptoms etc I stumbled across IT-Tech’s website who had some great reviews from others with same issue, I submitted my form online and received a call from Frances the same day who explained process etc, she could not have been more helpful. As I was travelling to Melb the next month, I was able to take it in the day we arrived for a check, they knew I was heading off in a few days and to my relief I received a call the next day to say it was all fixed. So pleased I took it to IT-Tech, could not recommend them highly enough. Best of all the cost was minimal compared to a new laptop!!Anne
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Mark Royston

My Macbook Pro suffered a coming together with a glass of wine. My local Apple reseller had no solution other than a new computer, but when I found IT-Tech Online, i received immediate attention a swift diagnosis and a price for the repair that was entirely reasonable. The work was done with consultation and the newly repaired computer was back in my hands in short order. Highly recommended and not as a last resort.
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Andrew Smee

How do you repair a water-damaged MacBook?

MacBook water damage repair procedures involve completely disassembling the MacBook, cleaning, repairing or replacing the keyboard, screen, hard drive, touchpad, battery, speakers, connecting cables and the most important one: logic board. We will inspect the logic board under a microscope and replace all the burned or corroded chips by micro soldering. We use advanced equipment combined with the Apple logic board schematic diagrams to identify and replace the remaining faulty chips that a microscope cannot spot. We stand out in the crowd by providing this type of logic board repair service at the chip level. After it is repaired, the logic board will be cleaned in an ultrasonic cleaner and dried in an oven, ready for assembly.

If your logic board has been damaged beyond economically feasible repair, our wide stock of replacement logic boards will get your MacBook back to work quickly at a reasonable extra cost in only one day. A 90-day return-to-base warranty covers all our work.

Where can I find examples of your repair work?

Follow this link Google My Business where we show how we tackle Mac hardware problems and some practical tips. As a leading Apple logic board repair company, we also share our knowledge and experiences with our computer service community on our blog.

What if I am not in Melbourne?

We understand the importance of your MacBook and your data. We aim to provide personalised mail-in service to give you peace of mind if you are not in Melbourne. For More info, please see our MacBook repair mail-in service procedure.

Professional MacBook water damage repair procedure

We will disassemble the water-damaged MacBook completely.

* The keyboard, touchpad, screen, battery and case will be hand-cleaned and tested by a junior technician.

* The logic board and SSD drive will be inspected under a microscope by a technician with micro-soldering skills. Any corroded and burned chips will be replaced.

* The whole logic board will be submerged into the electronic-friendly solution inside an ultrasonic cleaner for intensive cleaning. The board will be dried in an oven at around 100 degrees for a few minutes.

* The logic board then will be powered up and tested on a test bench and ready for assembly if it passed the test.

* If the board failed to pass the test, it will be passed to an experienced engineer. The engineer will identify and replace the remaining faulty chips which a microscope could not spot. The engineer may use a multimeter, oscilloscope and logic analyzer to conduct comprehensive measurements to pinpoint the faulty chips among the many thousands on the logic board. The availability of Apple’s logic board schematic (electronic diagrams) will significantly increase troubleshooting productivity, sometimes is vital to determining the success or failure of the repair

* All the parts will be assembled back to the case. We will fully test the MacBook with the ASD (Apple Service Diagnostic) and other third-party testing software.

Spilt water on your Mac? No worries, get your water-damaged MacBook repaired today before it rusts away. Contact us along with your MacBook model and fault description. Our experienced staff will call you to discuss your options based on your current situation. 

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