SSD Mac Data Recovery

22 Oct

The role of the SSD and Mac Data Recovery

Once upon a time, Mac data recovery didn’t pose much of a challenge. This was because previously, Macbook computers had removable spinning hard-disk drives (HDD) or replaceable solid-state drives (SSD). The role of SSD and Mac data recovery are vital for us at IT Tech. Both the HDD and SSD are internal Macbook components responsible

08 Jul

How to recover data from a dead MacBook Pro A1707 with touch bar?

This article is for MacBook logic board component-level repair professionals, written by IT-Tech Online, the MacBook repair specialist in Melbourne, Australia. Mac data recovery from a malfunction MacBook Pro, MacBook Air or iMac used to be a simple task as all those Apple computers come with a removable HDD or SSD drive. We can remove the HDD