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iMac upgrade and repair

iMac repairs and upgrades costs

An iMac screen replacement costs $300-$900. iMac logic board repair costs $350-$500. iMac graphics card repair or replacement costs $250-$500. iMac power supply replacement costs $200-$400. iMac SSD upgrade costs $380-$799 depending on the capacity of the SSD drive. iMac Wifi card replacement costs $80-$150. The actual cost varies in the range depending on the iMac model.

Since 2000, we have proudly served as Melbourne’s premier iMac service center, providing high-quality Apple iMac repair and iMac upgrade services. Our workshop offers a full range of professional iMac repairs & iMac upgrades, including iMac SSD upgrade, iMac RAM upgrade, iMac hard drive replacement, iMac graphics card replacement, iMac screen replacement, iMac power supply replacement, iMac logic board repair, and Mac hard drive recovery.

Please make a booking on (03) 9563 8588 if you want to pick up your iMac on the same day. We can provide same-day service for most of the above services.

There are the following options to upgrade iMac depending on your iMac model.

iMac SSD Upgrade

The most popular iMac upgrade is an iMac SSD upgrade. If your iMac is getting slow, it is time to upgrade iMac to SSD drive now. Solid State Drives are much faster and more reliable than conventional spinning hard drives. Compared to other iMac upgrade options, an iMac SSD upgrade is the most effective way to boost the performance of your iMac. Matured technology and large-scale production have recently made SSD drives more affordable.

The iMac SSD upgrade is also the best option when you consider iMac hard drive replacement due to a failed or unreliable mechanical HDD. iMac upgrades are cheaper and easier than you would think. Once you have tasted the fantastic speed of the SSD drive, you will never want to go back to use a mechanical spinning hard drive.

Our iMac SSD upgrade includes migrating your applications and data from the old hard drive to the new SSD drive. So you don’t have to worry about data loss or spending hours to reinstall your programs.

Looking for an iMac upgrade?  IT-Tech Online offers competitive prices for iMac SSD upgrades and other iMac upgrades in Melbourne.

iMac SSD Upgrade Cost

iMac SSD Upgrade Service Description Price (AUD) Note
240 GB SSD drive + Hardware installation + Data transfer
480 GB SSD drive + Hardware installation + Data transfer
1 TB SSD drive + Hardware installation + Data transfer
2 TB SSD drive + Hardware installation + Data transfer
iMac SSD upgrade - remove LCD Screen to get access to the hard drive

iMac Graphics Card Repair or Replacement

iMac GPU failure is a common issue for the 2009 to 2011 27" iMac. The cause is the combination of poor AMD GPU quality, dust accumulated inside the iMac over time, and stock fans speed set to too low (Apple tried hard to make iMac super quiet). Apple has disabled the Intel integrated graphics function by design on both the internal LCD and external monitor. That means we cannot utilise the more reliable but less powerful Intel CPU built-in graphics function. We cannot just remove the AMD GPU to fix the iMac graphics card.

The good news is the iMac GPU is of better quality than the one used in MacBook Pro. The replacement GPU will last longer. We also can increase the fan speed to provide adequate cooling for the iMac graphics card to prolong the life of the GPU, thanks to the vast room inside the iMac. Usually, the iMac will last 2 to 4 years after an iMac graphics card replacement.

iMac Graphics Card Replacement- typical faulty GPU symptom

If you have an iMac graphics card problem, we can get your iMac back to work in 24 hours. The cost of iMac graphics card repair is from $250 to $500, depending on the GPU chip model and the capacity of video RAM.

iMac Graphics Card Replacement Cost:

Item Description Price (AUD) iMac Model
20" iMac 2007-2008 Graphics Card Repair/Replacement
21.5" iMac 2009-2011 Graphics Card Repair/Replacement
21.5" iMac 2012-2017 Graphics Card Repair/Replacement
24" iMac 2007-2009 Graphics Card Repair/Replacement
27" iMac 2009-2011 Graphics Card Repair/Replacement
27" iMac 2012-2017 Graphics Card Repair/Replacement

iMac Power Supply Repair or Replacement

iMac power supply failure is a common issue for the 2007 to 2010 24" iMac and some of the 21.5" iMacs. If you press the power button and get no chime, no display, you probably have a faulty power supply in your iMac.  As a faulty iMac logic board will cause exactly the symptoms, you need an expert to find out for you. IT-Tech Online is the leading iMac repair specialist. We can quickly diagnose the problem and provide a free quotation for you. No matter if you have an iMac power supply failure or iMac logic board failure, we can fix it for you.  We stock a wide range of iMac power supplies in our Melbourne store. It means we can get your iMac back to work at no waiting time. iMac power supply replacement will cost $200 to $400, depending on the model.

iMac Power Supply Replacement Cost:

Item Description Price (AUD) iMac Model
20" iMac 2007-2008 Power Supply
21.5" iMac 2009-2011 Power Supply
21.5" iMac 2012-2017 Power Supply
24" iMac 2007-2009 Power Supply
27" iMac 2009-2011 Power Supply
27" iMac 2012-2017 Power Supply

iMac Screen Repair and Replacement

We stock a wide range of iMac screens and can get your iMac back to life straight away. We provide top-class services of iMac repair in Melbourne.

iMac Screen Replacement Cost:

Item Description Price (AUD) iMac Model
20" iMac 2007-2008 Screen
21.5" iMac 2009-2011 Screen
21.5" iMac 2012-2014 2K Screen
21.5" iMac 2015-2017 4K Screen
21.5" iMac 2019 4K Screen
24" iMac 2007-2009 Screen
27" iMac 2009-2011 Screen
27" iMac 2012-2014 2K Screen
27" iMac 2014-2015 5K Screen
27" iMac 2017 5K Screen
27" iMac 2019 5K Screen

iMac RAM Upgrade

The next most popular Apple iMac upgrade is the RAM upgrade. If you are running memory-hungry programs like AutoCAD, you need to consider an iMac RAM upgrade to boost your iMac performance. We always advise our clients to do an iMac SSD upgrade before the RAM upgrade.

One of our clients did a RAM DIY upgrade on his 2013 27" iMac from 8 GB to 16 GB, resulting in no noticeable speed improvement. So he decided to contact us to replace the old mechanical WD 1TB drive. With a Samsung 1TB SSD drive installed, the macOS startup time is cut from 141 seconds to only 17 seconds – massive improvement! Get our professional advice if you are not sure which Mac upgrade is best for your situation.

IT-Tech Online provides iMac RAM upgrade service with affordable prices:

*    Upgrade from 4 GB to 8 GB   $120

*    Upgrade from 8 GB to 16 GB  $250

iMac CPU Upgrade

Another Apple iMac repair option is a CPU upgrade. If your iMac is currently running on Intel i3 or i5 CPU, an iMac CPU upgrade is an option. An i7 CPU will cut the video rendering time significantly. Any software requiring CPU intensive usage will benefit from this iMac CPU upgrade.

However, if you only use your iMac for internet browsing or photo editing, you will not notice the improvement. Get your iMac accessed by our professionals, and we will provide you with the best options.

iMac Logic Board Repair

Physical damage accounts for the majority of iMac logic board failure. This type of damage is due to the mishandling of the logic board while performing some services such as iMac HDD replacement, iMac screen replacement and dust cleaning. We carry out iMac repairs on the chip level. We can find and replace the faulty chip, the physically damaged connectors, no matter how small they are. That means you don’t have to buy a new logic board and reduce the iMac repair cost. iMac logic board repair will cost $350 to $500.

Mac Mini upgrade

Similar to iMac, a Mac mini SSD upgrade is the most cost-effective way to boost the performance of your Mac mini. You can also do a Mac mini  RAM upgrade to boost the power of your Mac mini further.

Mac Mini SSD Upgrade Cost

Mac Mini SSD Upgrade Service Description Price AUD Note
240 GB SSD drive + Hardware installation + Data transfer
480 GB SSD drive + Hardware installation + Data transfer
1 TB SSD drive + Hardware installation + Data transfer
2 TB SSD drive + Hardware installation + Data transfer

Contact us and get your iMac fixed today!

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    My 21.5 inch iMac 2017 runs very slow. Can you help?

    Yes. Apple uses mechanical spinning hard drives in some iMacs up to 2019. We can upgrade your slow mechanical hard drive with a lightning-speed SSD drive and install the latest macOS compatible with your iMac. This iMac SSD upgrade will significantly increase the speed performance.

    I have a question mark folder on my 27" iMac. Can you help?

    The iMac question mark folder means your iMac has trouble locating the hard drive. We can upgrade your iMac to SSD, then transfer your data from the time machine backup disk.

    My iMac makes a clicking noise and cannot startup. Can you fix it?

    The data read/write arm of your hard drive constantly strikes the parking bay and makes the clicking noise. We can replace the faulty HDD with SSD and then put back the data from your time machine. If you don’t have a time machine backup, you need a data recovery service to retrieve the data from the failed hard disk.

    My 2017 iMac screen falls off after I upgraded the HDD to SSD drive myself. Can you fix it?

    Yes. Started in 2012, Apple uses special sticky tape for gluing the screen to the iMac case. If you use a normal sticky tape, the screen will fall off due to the excessive heat generated by your iMac.

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    Testimonials – Customers Feedback on Google Reviews

    Was great to deal with, I had the hard drive replaced in my 27 inch iMac.
    They went to great lengths to make sure the job was carried out to expectations.
    Thanks again for the great service
    Tim Berryman

    Frances and team were so helpful in fixing my iMac. They were fast, reliable, quick and friendly. Apple told me that my computer was obsolete but Frances said she could fix it! I am very grateful and the computer is working really well. Fair pricing as well. Thanks Frances!
    Supipi Perera

    I had a GPU fault on my Macbook Pro which made it shut down at odd times and finally it would not boot at all. I was very sad. I spoke to Frances on the phone, she walked me through the repair process and the price, everything was very clearly communicated. I posted my Macbook Pro to Frances that day, she fixed it and now I am writing this review on my amazingly resurrected Macbook 🙂 Now I am very happy again.
    Thank you Frances, you are amazing
    Nick Buckmaster

    I took my 2011 Macbook Pro laptop to be repaired by IT Tech - for the Apple acknowledged GPU issue. Frances was terrific in diagnosing the issue that required a fix for the GPU problem, as well as moving from a corrupted HDD to a new 1TB SSD. The repair was completed quickly, the files migrated across successfully to the new SSD and the machine is running better and faster than it ever has since new. The communication, diagnosis and speed of fix was first class and I am extremely happy with the end result. The Macbook Pro seems old in years...but with an i7 2.2 processor, 8gb of ram, and a new 1 tb SSD - the machine leaves many other more recent Apple laptops in it's dust for power and versatility. I would highly recommend IT Tech for any computer servicing needs. Thank you for your excellent work.
    Andrew Jose

    After years of faultless use on my 2011 MacBook Pro 15 inch, I recently encountered a problem when I turned it on. The screen was reversed and the display looked like it was 'possessed'. I took my MacBook to our local Apple Store, only to be told by the Geek that the MacBook was vintage and there was no possibility of repair. They would however be happy to recycle it and were even happier to sell me another MacBook for around $5,000. Further research showed that there had been previous recalls for an inherent problem with the logic board. Even though I had paid for AppleCare, I was never advised that there was a fault that could have been rectified.I came across IT Tech Online while trying to find a way of repairing my computer. Their online article was an exact diagnosis of what I was experiencing with my MacBook.... read more
    Mark Howitt-Steven

    I had been driving past IT-Tech Online a few times and noticed their shop front signs saying, we can fix your Apple Mac. I have a 2011 MacBook Pro that was coffee damaged back in 2012. - It was apparently fixed... but this was the case. The laptop powered up but nothing happened after that. After a short email to IT-Tech Online, I had a call back from Frances confirming to bring my MacBook in and they would take a look. Frances informed me of what her team would do to try to repair my Mac. She was friendly, professional and gave me confidence in what was possible, also confirming costs. Frances kept me up to date as the repair process moved forward and I am thrilled with the outcome of a perfect working MacBook Pro. 5+ STARS for Frances and her team. If you need any work done on... read more
    Lisette Deumer

    Frances & Carl did an amazing job repairing my 2011 Macbook Pro!This is the model that is renowned for having GPU (graphics chip problems) Apple had told me that this "Vintage" machine is too old & can't be repaired! Well Frances & Carl repaired it! They really know what makes these machines tick & were able to bypass the cancerous GPU using the perfectly capable Intel GPU on the logic board. It's great to have professionals working on it, as I've had too many people take my money previously & not fix the problems! Frances & Carl can get right down to the resistor and diode parts of the machines - not many people know how to do that anymore. Not to mention, I had the machine back within the day! Prices are very reasonable too! These machines are too good to just throw away, when some relatively inexpensive small... read more
    James Vincent

    Brilliant brilliant brilliant!! Right from the first phone call, Frances helped inspire confidence that she could help. She quickly identified the problem, explained that she would replace Logic Board & do further upgrade. I wanted a new keyboard too. Frances’s costs were better than competitive. I felt incredibly happy I could salvage my special laptop - my little baby!! I’d especially be able to still use everything I loved about it before, like playing my Dvd library collection, still being able to connect it to a tv. Others had said I wouldn’t be able to do that anymore. Even though I live in Qld, Frances gave such brilliant postage instructions it was incredibly easy to post my 15” MacBook Pro. She kept me updated with text msgs & phone calls- when received, when fixed, when re-posted all up within a few working days! Exceptionally good service, as if she was... read more
    Lisa Wraight

    Highly Recommended. My iMac wouldn't fire up so I left it with Frances to fix it. She called me later that day, explained what the issue was, how much it would cost to fix and when it would be ready. True to her word, the computer was ready on time, worked as it should and cost what she said it would. Thank you frances
    Shaun Campbell

    Amazing service from Frances and Carl. Apple Genius Bar told me both my hard disk drive and graphics processing unit on my late 2011 Apple iMac 27" had "failed" and that as the machine was now viewed as "vintage" by Apple, I would be lucky to find anywhere that could obtain parts to fix it. It was also suggested that I may need a new logic board too. The cost of replacing the iMac with a current model would be around the $2,500 mark. After a quick enquiry to IT-tech online, I was provided with a rough estimate that was nowhere near the figures Apple had quoted me. I dropped the iMac off to Frances and Carl on Thursday morning and collected it on Tuesday morning. All fixed, as good as new, and all my data was also transferred from the old hard drive... read more
    Nicki Thomson

    Wow! Check out the reviews. Surely they can't all be family? Well I can say my personal experience was A1 with IT-Tech Online! I had my motherboard repaired on my old trusty Mid 2010 iMac 27" which i was suggested by an apple repairer to bin. IT-Tech Online fixed it promptly and cost effectively. Very happy
    Campbell Noonan -One Agency Peninsula

    Great to have a 2011 iMac fixed so quickly. It's not easy to replace or fix the video card from these devices. This one was fixed with a 3-months warrantee so I'm hoping it lasts well. The original lasted 7 years. Great can-do attitude. Thanks.
    Matthew Hargreaves


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