MacBook Pro Battery Replacement

We offer high-quality MacBook battery replacement service when your original one fails. MacBook Pro battery replacement will cost $160-$290. MacBook Air battery replacement will cost $150-$250. All MacBook battery replacements come with 6 months warranty. 

MacBook Pro battery replacement cost and time frame


Our MacBook battery replacement prices cover the cost of the battery, installation and GST included.  we provide on-spot battery replacement services for Pre-2012 MacBook Pro and Pre-2018 MacBook Air. Retina MacBook Pro with battery clued on the case can be replaced on the same day.

Macbook Pro Battery Replacement Cost:

MacBook Pro Model Battery Part Number Price AUD
13" Macbook Pro 2009-2012
15" Macbook Pro 2009-2012
A1321, A1382
13" Macbook Pro retina 2012-2015
A1437, A1493, A1582
15" Macbook Pro retina 2012-2015
A1417, A1494, A1618
13" Macbook Pro touch bar 2016-2017
A1713, A1819
15" Macbook Pro touch bar 2016-2017

Macbook Air Battery Replacement Cost:

MacBook Air Model Battery Part Number Price AUD
11" Macbook Air 2010-2012
13" Macbook Air 2010-2012
11" Macbook Air 2013-2017
13" Macbook Air 2013-2017
13" Macbook Air with Touch ID 2018
12" Macbook Retina 2015-2017
A1527, A1705
MacBook Pro battery replacement

How do I know if my MacBook Pro battery needs to be replaced?

A battery has a limited life span. Your MacBook battery is likely the first component you need to replace.  A battery replacement is the most economical way to give your MacBook a new life. If your MacBook Pro has the following symptoms, it is time to replace the failing battery.

     1. The battery will not last long after fully charged.

     2. The battery charge circle count is more than 1000 circles. 

     3. The battery can not be charged or detected.

     4. The battery status bar shows these messages: Service Battery, Replace SoonReplace Now.

A small per cent of battery charging problems such as “battery not found" is caused by the logic board charging circuit. If you have a battery-related problem in your logic board, your problem will remain even you have replaced a brand new battery. Our logic board repair service will get the issue covered.

Is there any way to get a cheaper Apple original batteries?

Yes. Thousand of MacBooks are written off every year due to logic board failure. The batteries in those MacBook are usually in excellent condition. The  “charge circle count” of those batteries are usually less than 200. Under normal use condition, an Apple original batteries can reach up to 1000 charge circle count. You can buy these batteries from our store if you don’t like the third-party batteries.

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