MacBook Battery replacement

MacBook Pro battery replacement

Is your MacBook battery not charging properly, or the battery won’t last long after fully charged? Our high-quality and competitive MacBook battery replacement service is for you when your original one fails. MacBook Pro battery replacement will cost $160-$300. MacBook Air battery replacement will cost $150-$250. All MacBook battery replacements come with 6 months warranty. 

MacBook Pro battery replacement

Our MacBook battery replacement prices cover the cost of the battery, installation and GST included.  we provide on-spot battery replacement services for Pre-2012 MacBook Pro and Pre-2018 MacBook Air. Retina MacBook Pro with battery clued on the case can be replaced on the same day.

Macbook Pro Battery Replacement Cost:

MacBook Pro Model Price (AUD) Battery Part Number
13" Macbook Pro 2009-2012
15" Macbook Pro 2009-2012
A1321, A1382
13" Macbook Pro retina 2012-2015
A1437, A1493, A1582
15" Macbook Pro retina 2012-2015
A1417, A1494, A1618
13" Macbook Pro touch bar 2016-2017
A1713, A1819
15" Macbook Pro touch bar 2016-2017

MacBook Air battery replacement

We stock a full range of quality MacBook Air batteries. We provide one-hour on-spot MacBook Air battery replacement service. 

Macbook Air Battery Replacement Cost:

MacBook Air Model Price (AUD) Battery Part Number
11" Macbook Air 2010-2012
13" Macbook Air 2010-2012
11" Macbook Air 2013-2017
13" Macbook Air 2013-2017
13" Macbook Air with Touch ID 2018
12" Macbook Retina 2015-2017
A1527, A1705

Basic knowledge of MacBook batteries

A MacBook battery has a limited life span. Your MacBook battery is likely the first component you need to replace.  A battery replacement is the most economical way to give your MacBook a new life. If your MacBook Pro or Air has the following symptoms, it is time to replace the failing battery.

     1. The battery will not last long after fully charged.

     2. The battery charge circle count is more than 1000 circles. 

     3. The battery can not be charged or detected.

     4. The battery status bar shows these messages: Service Battery, Replace SoonReplace Now.

A small per cent of battery charging problems such as “battery not found" is caused by the logic board charging circuit. If you have a battery-related problem in your logic board, your problem will remain even you have replaced a brand new battery. Our logic board repair service will get the issue covered.

How to check MacBook battery health?

To quickly check the MacBook battery health

  1. 1. Click the battery icon in your status bar on the top right corner. If you can’t see the battery icon, you need to system preference to enable the battery icon in the status bar.
  2. 2. Your battery health will appear at the top as either: Normal, Replace Soon, Replace Now, Service Battery, Service Recommended or No Battery Available.

To check more details of your MacBook including the charge cycle count

  1.  1. Click the Apple logo in the top left corner of your MacBook to open a pull-down menu
  2.  2. Click About This Mac, then System Report…
  3.  3. On the left-hand side, click Power
  4.  4. You’ll find more specifics about your battery at the right-hand side of the windows.

Understand the MacBook battery status notification 

Normal” means your battery is fine. Your battery retains more than 80% of the original capacity.

Service Battery” means the battery has degraded to less than 80% of the original capacity. Usually, the battery still can last for two or three hours of normal usage. You may choose to replace the battery but it is not urgent. The battery could last for a year or two if you connect your MacBook to the charger most of the time to reduce battery usage.

Replace Soon” means you need to arrange a battery replacement soon. Apple has not specified the criteria of this message. Our test data shows that this message means your battery retains less than about 50% of the original capacity. If you still use the battery, keep an eye on it and make sure the battery is not swollen. If you notice that your touchpad cracks or pops up, you most likely have a swollen battery. You need to replace the battery immediately to prevent more damage.

Replace Now” means that your MacBook can see the battery, but very little or even no current can flow in or out of the battery. If you disconnect the charger, the MacBook will shut off at once. The battery finally comes to the end of its life.

No Battery Available" with a cross mark on the battery icon means your MacBook cannot communicate with the battery at all. Your battery is either completely dead or not connected to the logic board properly. Usually, replacing the battery can solve the problem. But from time to time even when you replace the battery, you still get the “No Battery Available" message. This symptom is a strong indication that your logic board is faulty. You need to get your logic board repaired by a component-level repairer.

Frequently Asked Questions:

My battery charge cycle count is only 122, but I have the Replace Soon message, why?

Under normal usage, a MacBook battery can last for more than 1000 charge cycle count. You either have a faulty battery or your MacBook charging circuit is not working properly. If you had a liquid spill on your MacBook before, your battery would have been damaged or degraded by the liquid.

I have a swollen battery, but the MacBook shows the battery is normal, what do I need to do?

You need to replace the battery as soon as possible. The MacBook battery is sealed in plastic bags. Your battery produces abnormal gas that inflates the air-tight bags. Your battery will degrade very fast. The swollen battery may push and crack your touchpad even the logic board.

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