01 Feb

How to repair MacBook Pro not charging issue?

This is a 13” MacBook Pro 2015 with retina screen. The laptop works fine when a  charger is connected but shuts down immediately when the charge is removed. A “service battery” message is displayed on the notification section and there is an orange light on the charger connector. The customer said the laptop battery had

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mac folder with question mark

10 Dec

Why is a flashing question mark in a folder appearing when I start my Mac

If your Mac is not starting and instead of the Apple logo appearing, you see a flashing question mark in a folder, do not panic, this guide will assist you with troubleshooting the issue.  Essentially, the reason that you are seeing Mac folder with question mark, is due to your Mac not being able to

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macbook water damage repair

10 Sep

How does my MacBook power up?

Apple MacBooks are the most sought after laptop products because of their hardware build quality and optimised dedicated macOS. They are very reliable products that can give you years of loyal service. However, MacBooks sometimes do face issues. Understand the principle of how your MacBook works will help you to look after your beloved Macbook.

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