Macbook Pro GPU Repair

If your MacBook Pro has symptoms of black screen, white screen, grey screen, horizontal or vertical lines on the screen or just stuck on the loading screen, you have a MacBook Pro graphics card issue.

MacBook Pro faulty GPU

MacBook Pro GPU failures are widespread issues on the MacBook Pro 2011 15 inch and the 17-inch models. We have developed a solution to solve the problems permanently. We will remove the poor quality AMD GPU and rewire the LCD screen directly to the Intel intergraded graphics chip. Since we rolled out this service in December 2016 when Apple ends the GPU recall program, we have done hundreds of units with no single return for a second repair, no firmware upgrade issues, no PRAM reset issues and no software compatibility issues. MacBook Pro graphics card issues on other models also can be repaired permanently with various solutions.

What causes the MacBook Pro graphics card failure?

Overheating! The GPU generates a lot of heat under heavy load. The cooling system is responsible for keeping the GPU at its proper operating temperature. If the cooling system partially or completely fails, the GPU will inevitably fail along with it.

What are my options now?

Option 1: MacBook Pro 2011 Graphics Card Replacement

Apple adopted this solution in the Macbook Pro 2011 GPU recall program. This is a temporary solution. The repaired MacBooks will fail again between 6-18 months due to the poor quality of the GPUs. We do NOT recommend this as we have a better solution. The costs of replacing the faulty GPU are $350 for MacBook Pro 2011 15-inch and $400 for MacBook Pro 2011 17-inch.

Option 2: Graphics Card MacBook Pro 2011 Removal

We remove the GPU and connect the LCD screen directly to the Intel integrated graphics chip. Your logic board will use the more reliable Intel graphics chip all the time. This is the best and permanent solution to fix the AMD problem of 2011 MacBook Pro. The repaired Mac laptop will run up to 20 degrees cooler, prolonging the life of your Mac computer. There are no noticed differences when you surf the internet, Skype, watch YouTube videos, watch DVD/Blu-ray high definition videos, and so on. However, you will not able to connect to an external monitor. Apple disabled the external graphics function of the Intel integrated graphics chip by design and restoring this function is a time-consuming and very expensive task. The costs of these services are $320 for MacBook Pro 2011 15-inch and $370 for MacBook Pro 2011 17-inch.

15" MacBook Pro 2011 logic board GPU repair
Option 3: Replacement Logic Board Macbook Pro

This option will only apply to the Macbook Pro 15 inch  2012-13 MacBook Pro Retina model A1398. The costs are $650 for MacBook Pro 15 inch 2012 and $700 for MacBook Pro 15 inch 2013. We also stock limited logic boards for MacBook Pro 15 inch 2015, please call us to check for availability. 

​​Option 4: MacBook Pro 2011 Logic Board Upgrade

The logic board of MacBook Pro 2011 15 inch can be upgraded to the 2012 model. The MacBook Pro 15" 2012 with a non-retina screen is equipped with a much more reliable Nvidia GPU. After basic modification, the logic board of the 2012 model can be fitted nicely in the case of the 2011 model. The cost of this service is $650. Unfortunately, there is no upgrade option for the MacBook Pro 17 inch 2011.

Where can I find independent customer reviews for your service?

We are very proud of our 5-star rating on Google Reviews and we always work hard to maintain the top rating by providing excellent services to every customer. Check out all our customers’ comments on Google Reviews

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7 anxious days after I spilled a whole glass of water on my laptop, here's what I now know I should have done:

1 - DON'T put it in rice. Turn it off RIGHT away, dry as much as possible with is facing upside down. DO NOT try turning it on again. Leave it butterflied open and upside down on a pillow to dry. Don't touch it.
2 - DON'T bother taking it to Apple unless you have Apple Care (which I now wish I paid for when I bought the laptop). They couldn't do anything and I'd have to buy a whole new laptop and lose all data.
3 - TAKE IT STRAIGHT TO FRANCES. It was badly water damaged so it was more expensive to fix ($1200) but worth it to not lose my hard drive and be able to use it again for work.
She fixed it in 48 hours and its working again WITH ALL MY DATA SAVED.

Thanks for your amazing work Frances.

Liam Cockshell Avatar

Liam Cockshell
01 Nov 2019

I had a great experience getting my water damaged Macbook Air (2015) fixed here. I was able to mail my laptop to Frances to get it checked out and repaired. Once I sent it (from around Doreen area to her shop in Bentleigh East) it took less than a week for her to find out what was wrong, get the necessary parts and fully repair my laptop and then send it back to me. The correspondence was very friendly and professional and I am going to definitely recommend this service to anyone that needs it!

benji d Avatar

benji d
30 Oct 2019

I had a GPU fault on my Macbook Pro which made it shut down at odd times and finally it would not boot at all. I was very sad. I spoke to Frances on the phone, she walked me through the repair process and the price, everything was very clearly communicated. I posted my Macbook Pro to Frances that day, she fixed it and now I am writing this review on my amazingly resurrected Macbook 🙂 Now I am very happy again.
Thank you Frances, you are amazing

Nick Buckmaster Avatar

Nick Buckmaster
29 Oct 2019

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Are you an Apple authorised service provider?

No. Every time a faulty logic board is repaired, Apple loses an opportunity to sell you a new laptop. In this sense, we are indirectly a competitor to Apple by saving you money. Under Apple’s current repair policy, an authorised repairer is NOT allowed to repair the logic board, only allowed to replace it if a “refurbished" logic board is available from Apple. Since MacBook logic board repair is our specialty, we will not give up our specialty in order to become an authorised repairer. We are proud to be able to provide our specialist service for logic boards that the Apple genius bars, Apple authorised service providers, and most of the local computer stores cannot offer.

How long is the warranty?

All our work is covered by a 90-day return-to-base warranty.

What if I am not in Melbourne?

About half of our customers are outside Melbourne. You can post your MacBook to us and add $30 for return express postage.

Get your Mac repaired now, contact us along with your MacBook model and fault description. Our experienced staff will call you to discuss your options in details.

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