MacBook Pro Speaker Replacement

MacBook Pro speaker replacement costs $50-$150, depending on your Mac model. Book your same-day MacBook speaker replacement service on (03) 9563 8588 and fix your Mac today. Our Mac speaker replacement service comes with 6 months part and labour warranty.

15 inch 2015 MacBook Pro speakers

If your MacBook Pro or MacBook Air has the following symptoms, it is time to replace your faulty speakers. 

  1. 1. sound crackling
  2. 2. sound distortion
  3. 3. sound too quiet
  4. 4. sound buzzing
  5. 5. no sounds from one side
  6. 6. imbalance sound level between left and right speakers
  7. 7. losing the bass of the speaker.

Please note that your MacBook speakers are most likely fine if you have no sounds from both left and right speakers. Software error or a faulty logic board usually results in no sounds at all. We will diagnose the fault before replacing the faulty speaker(s). 

Macbook Pro Speaker Replacement Cost:

MacBook Pro Description Price (AUD) Macbook Model
13" Macbook Pro 2009-2012 Speaker
15" Macbook Pro 2009-2012 Speaker
13" Macbook Pro 2012-2015 Speaker
A1425, A1502
15" Macbook Pro 2012-2015 Speaker
13" Macbook Pro 2016-2020 Speaker
A1706, A1708, A1989
15" Macbook Pro 2016-2020 Speaker
A1707, A1990
17" Macbook Pro 2009-2011 Speaker

Macbook Air Speaker Replacement Cost:

MacBook Air Description Price (AUD) Macbook Model
11" Macbook Air 2010-2017 Speaker
A1465, A1370
13" Macbook Air 2010-2017 Speaker
A1369, A1466
12" Macbook 2015-2017 Speaker
13" Macbook Air 2018-2019 Speaker
13" Macbook Air 2020 Speaker
13" M1 Macbook Air 2020 Speaker

Please note that the prices above are for one speaker. If you need to replace both speakers, ring us on 03-9563 8588.  We offer discounts on two speakers.

Why do My MacBook speakers fail?

A loudspeaker consists of 4 components: magnet, voice-coil, diaphragm and suspension. The weakest component is suspension.

The suspension of a MacBook speaker is usually made of rubber. As the rubber ages, it becomes not as soft as before. As a result, the sound of your MacBook will get softer and quieter. When the rubber becomes harder and harder over time, it finally breaks, resulting in the sound distortion, crackling and buzzing that you experienced. The photo below shows the suspension (rubber) is broken.

broken speaker from a 2015 MacBook Pro

Some MacBooks operate at very high temperatures due to power-hungry apps, cooling fan failure, heat sink failure, airflow blocked by dust, etc. The high temperature will accelerate rubber aging. As a result, your MacBook speakers deteriorate very quick.

Also, if you operate the MacBook speakers at a very high volume for a long time, it will significantly shorten the speaker’s life.

If you experience only one speaker working in a MacBook Pro, chances are you have a failed speaker. However, if you find one speaker not working in a MacBook Air, especially the right speaker not working, chances are you have a faulty audio I/O board.

In a MacBook Air, Apple uses an I/O board to decode, amplify and output the sound separately. The I/O board is prone to fail, especially after a liquid spill.

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