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Got a failed Apple computer that either the Apple store or Apple authorised repairers cannot fix? We can repair it in 2 days! Whether your Mac is suffering from logic board failure, water damage, graphics chip issues, or you just need simple repairs such as MacBook keyboard or battery replacement, our industry-leading MacBook repair services in Melbourne have got it covered.

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IT-Tech Online is the leading MacBook repair specialist in Melbourne. We specialise in Mac repair at the chip (manufacturing) level. Countless MacBook Pros and MacBook Airs have been written off simply because of solely logic board failure, and this is a huge waste. With our Mac repair specialist service, the high-tech Mac logic board is no longer mysterious. The faulty logic boards can be economically repaired and all your data and applications remain intact

We provide an affordable alternative solution to Apple at a fraction of Apple’s quoted price.  If you have a faulty logic board in your Apple comuter, don’t replace or bin it, REPAIR it. You will not only pay much less but also help to reduce electronic waste. We are based in Melbourne and offer postal Mac repair services to customers Australia wide.

We provide free assessments and quotations. The majority of “Apple-Certified Dead Macs" are repairable. If your Apple computer is not economically repairable due to fatal damages such as CPU damage, you pay nothing. If you have a fatal-damaged logic board but your MacBook screen, keyboard, SSD drive are all working fine, you may consider our logic board replacement service before buying a new Mac laptop.

When you do decide to buy a new Mac, our Mac data recovery service can transfer your data from the old Mac to the new one if you need the data. You may trade-in your old Mac to offset the data recovery cost.

MacBook Repair

We provide full range Mac repair services for MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, MacBook Pro Retina, MacBook Pro Touchbar. Our services include MacBook water damage repair, MacBook Pro graphics card issue repair, MacBook keyboard replacement, MacBook trackpad replacement, MacBook battery replacement, MacBook Pro SSD upgrade, MacBook screen repair, Mac data recovery, iMac repairs and more. We provide specialised repair services for MacBook logic boards at the chip level and significantly reduce electronic waste in Australia. 

 Looking for MacBook repair service in Melbourne?  IT-Tech Online is the best choice. Get your Apple computer repaired today. Visit our store in Melbourne, or contact us along with your Mac model and fault description. Our experienced staff will call you to discuss your options based on your current situation.

Testimonials - Customers Feedback on Google Reviews

We are very proud of our 240+ five-star reviews on Google Reviews. Every review is our customer’s personal experience of Apple computer repair in IT-Tech Online. Supported by our industry-leading skills, knowledge and experience, we always work hard to maintain our online reputation by providing excellent service to EVERY customer. Before making a repair decision, please check out what our customers said on the Google Reviews below:

  • Liam Cockshell AvatarLiam Cockshell

    7 anxious days after I spilled a whole glass of water on my laptop, here's what I now know I should have done:
    1 - DON'T put it in rice. Turn it off RIGHT away, dry as much as possible with is facing upside down. DO NOT try turning it on again. Leave it butterflied open and upside down on a pillow to dry. Don't touch it.
    2 - DON'T bother taking it to Apple unless you have Apple Care (which I now wish I paid for when I bought the laptop). They couldn't do anything and I'd have to buy a whole new laptop and lose all data.
    3 - TAKE IT STRAIGHT TO FRANCES. It was badly water damaged so it was more expensive to fix ($1200) but worth it to not lose my hard drive and be able to use it again for work.
    She fixed it in 48 hours and its working again WITH ALL MY DATA SAVED.
    Thanks for your amazing work Frances. - 5 months ago 

    benji d Avatarbenji d

    I had a great experience getting my water damaged Macbook Air (2015) fixed here. I was able to mail my laptop to Frances to get it checked out and repaired. Once I sent it (from around Doreen area to her shop in Bentleigh East) it took less than a week for her to find out what was wrong, get the necessary parts and fully repair my laptop and then send it back to me. The correspondence was very friendly and professional and I am going to definitely recommend this service to anyone that needs it! - 5 months ago 

    Nick Buckmaster AvatarNick Buckmaster

    I had a GPU fault on my Macbook Pro which made it shut down at odd times and finally it would not boot at all. I was very sad. I spoke to Frances on the phone, she walked me through the repair process and the price, everything was very clearly communicated. I posted my Macbook Pro to Frances that day, she fixed it and now I am writing this review on my amazingly resurrected Macbook 🙂 Now I am very happy again.
    Thank you Frances, you are amazing - 5 months ago 

  • Claire Milne AvatarClaire Milne

    Frances was amazing. All hope was lost after spilling water into my laptop. Apple said there was nothing that could be done and offered to recycle my old and supposedly laptop and offered a new one, at full price of course. Not one to give up easily I found Frances and upon arrival she seemed 100% confident she could fit it. 48 hours later laptop was totally fixed, all data there it was as if the spill never happened and at 420$ it was a hellva lot cheaper than buying a new laptop. I couldn't believe it! Any Mac issues go to Frances, especially water damage she is a magic worker. THANK YOU SO MUCH X - 5 months ago 

    Ella Molinia AvatarElla Molinia

    Absolutely, 100% recommend this service! I had no troubles with attaining a quote, assessment or repair with Frances and her team! After taking my liquid damaged laptop to three other repair technicians and receiving expensive and varied quotes, I stumbled upon IT-Tech Online. Living in NSW, there was no drama sending my device to Melbourne and everything was conducted efficiently and professionally -- having my laptop back within a week! I am forever grateful to the team and IT-Tech for repairing my device for a more than reasonable price! Extremely personable and understanding, willing to provide the best deal in a professional manner -- again, get the team at IT-Tech Online to repair your Mac!!!! - 5 months ago 

    Lachlan Byrne AvatarLachlan Byrne

    What a great shop! Francis is amazing, her attitude and energy to help is excellent. Took two macbooks in for repairs and upgrades after being told by another shop to replace. Could not be happier, its been a few months and they have not skipped a beat.
    This is easily the best experience I have ever had with a business, cannot fault it.
    Thanks so much! - 6 months ago 

  • Amy Fogarty AvatarAmy Fogarty

    After receiving an unreasonable quote to replace my logic board in Darwin, I googled and found Frances in Melbourne. She was so helpful, and IT-Tech replaced the logic board for half the price that I had been previously quoted, and it was all completed very quickly and posted back. Thanks so much! - 6 months ago 

    Carla Ripepi AvatarCarla Ripepi

    Frances was lovely, from start to finish! It was refreshing to be properly informed, not over charged and my laptop was even repaired a day earlier than expected and with all the documents recovered! I can't recommend IT-Tech enough, they are extremely knowledgable and deliver great customer service. Thank you. - 7 months ago 

    James Smith AvatarJames Smith

    Highly recommend Frances & Carl for their work.
    Just received mine back from IT-Tech with a fix on the widely known GPU issue of the 2011 model - I thought my laptop was done when it happened. This was shame as it was well upgraded.
    I did my research on the problem and out of everyone I talked to over the phone, Frances was the most knowledgable person regarding the issue and said her partner could do the repair.
    I'm so happy I'm able to get a few more years out of this computer now, thank you to you both:) - 8 months ago 

  • Nadezhda Shishkilova AvatarNadezhda Shishkilova

    my 12" Mac suddenly stopped working and according to Apple I only had an option of replacing the logic board and all the data is lost. I took my laptop to few more places - same thing.
    IT-Tech Online guys were amazing, my laptop was FIXED very quickly and WITHOUT REPLACING ANYTHING and ALL THE DATA IS THERE (nothing lost),To say nothing of their costs. And they give you a warranty for they work.Super Happy - 8 months ago 

    Andrew Jose AvatarAndrew Jose

    I took my 2011 Macbook Pro laptop to be repaired by IT Tech - for the Apple acknowledged GPU issue. Frances was terrific in diagnosing the issue that required a fix for the GPU problem, as well as moving from a corrupted HDD to a new 1TB SSD. The repair was completed quickly, the files migrated across successfully to the new SSD and the machine is running better and faster than it ever has since new. The communication, diagnosis and speed of fix was first class and I am extremely happy with the end result. The Macbook Pro seems old in years...but with an i7 2.2 processor, 8gb of ram, and a new 1 tb SSD - the machine leaves many other more recent Apple laptops in it's dust for power and versatility. I would highly recommend IT Tech for any computer servicing needs. Thank you for your excellent work. - 8 months ago 

    Allen Taylor AvatarAllen Taylor

    “WE FIX MACBOOKS DECLARED DEAD BY GENIUS BAR”My daughter spilled a glass of water on her Macbook Pro. We mopped up the spillage and took it straight to the Genius Bar at Southland where they said it would be about a $3,000 repair to replace the innards so we should just buy a new one.Then I remembered a sign outside a shop in Boundary Road, East Bentleigh that simply read “WE FIX MACBOOKS DECLARED DEAD BY GENIUS BAR”. We took it in and Frances said they would examine it and let us know if they thought it could be fixed. The next day she called and said the logic board needed to be replaced and they could do it for about $600 if we wanted to go ahead and no charge if that didn’t fix it. That’s a no-brainer! My daughter needs her Macbook for her year 12 studies so we went ahead and now it’s working perfectly! A lot of money saved. Thank you. - 8 months ago 

  • gareth van dagger Avatargareth van dagger

    My father gave me his 2011 MacBook Pro that had hardly ever been used. Unfortunately it struggled to turn on and open up safari it was that slow. I contacted Apple Care and they told me that the computer was classed as obsolete to them and referred me to an apple repair specialist that was too hard for me to get to. I found Frances at IT-Tech through a google search and she was just down the road from my work. In less than 24 hours IT-Tech had installed a new solid state drive and more ram. I could not be happier with the price and service from IT-Tech. My 2011 MacBook now runs faster than my 2019 iMac. Highly recommend IT-Tech. I will be returning with the rest of my family's Macbook's to have them upgraded to. Thank you Frances and IT-Tech. - 8 months ago 

    Andrew Petrie AvatarAndrew Petrie

    Professional quick turn around repair for my MacBook Pro. Apple quoted AU$3200 (literally a new Mac), Frances at IT-Tech Online quoted AU$580. He helped with everything including what packaging to use. Communication was constant and I knew exactly what the status of my repair was and when my Mac was being returned. The repair took one day from the time my MacBook arrived at IT-Tech Online. I can recommend IT-Tech Online for Mac repairs without a shadow of doubt. - 9 months ago 

    Tefnut Shu AvatarTefnut Shu

    Laptop received by IT-TECH on a Tuesday got it back (to Brisbane) fixed by Thursday. Got a quote by an Apple Certified Technician at three times the price. IT-TECH kept me up to date by phone at every stage. I would have preferred email as I don't have a smart phone (had trouble with the pictures sent) but it's not their fault I'm a Luddite. I also would have liked a report on the problem rather than just "Repair of Logic Board", for curiosity's sake and also so I can tell the Apple guy what sort of a con game they run. But a great job at a good price done quickly. Highly recommended. I was looking for an alternative to Louis Rossmann in Australia and I think I found it. - 9 months ago 

  • Song J AvatarSong J

    I received quality service and really appreciate these people are here to help. The shop conducted chip level repair which successfully resurrected my laptop logic board. Without them, I would have to pay double the price to get it fixed through Apple authorised dealers, which will also recover my data but extremely not economical.
    One recommendation is that I hope it can encourage receive and send back laptops via mail even for local customers. Because it takes me a lot of time to drive to the shop.
    Thanks again - 9 months ago 

    Evan Wang AvatarEvan Wang

    I spilled some water onto my MacBook Pro 2018 13 inch (with touch bar). Phoned Apple, they said it'll cost over 1k to repair. Until I did a Google search and found It-tech online. Customer service by Frances was excellent and the laptop was repaired perfectly with a fraction of Apple's quoted price. Very happy customer. 😊 - 9 months ago 

    Neil Marshall-Inns AvatarNeil Marshall-Inns

    Fabulous service, fabulous results and a fabulous price. Frances really knows her stuff and provides honest, accurate advice and value for money. My water damaged 2015 Macbook Pro was returned within 48 hours with the logic board repaired, a new SSD drive and an original (used) battery installed. I was able to load a time machine back-up as soon as I got home so no data was lost, and I'm now using it to write this review. Very happy customer! - 9 months ago 

  • Evan Wang AvatarEvan Wang

    I spilled some water onto my MacBook Pro 2018 13 inch (with touch bar). Phoned Apple, they said it'll cost over 1k to repair. Until I did a Google search and found It-tech online. Customer service by Frances was excellent and the laptop was repaired perfectly with a fraction of Apple's quoted price. Very happy customer. 😊 - 10 months ago 

    Mark Howitt-Steven AvatarMark Howitt-Steven

    After years of faultless use on my 2011 MacBook Pro 15 inch, I recently encountered a problem when I turned it on. The screen was reversed and the display looked like it was 'possessed'. I took my MacBook to our local Apple Store, only to be told by the Geek that the MacBook was vintage and there was no possibility of repair. They would however be happy to recycle it and were even happier to sell me another MacBook for around $5,000. Further research showed that there had been previous recalls for an inherent problem with the logic board. Even though I had paid for AppleCare, I was never advised that there was a fault that could have been rectified.I came across IT Tech Online while trying to find a way of repairing my computer. Their online article was an exact diagnosis of what I was experiencing with my MacBook. After reading their many reviews, I rang IT Tech Online and was greeted by Frances.I don't often write reviews online, but this time, I just had to let people know about my experience having my MacBook repaired.The whole process was well planned, and every step was explained even down to the postage. As I live in Qld, I had concerns about my computer going interstate for repair, but the process was seamless.I was kept up to date every step of the way, and given options that were easy to understand in the simplest way possible. Frances made the whole experience easy and the customer service was second to none. I was also very surprised just how affordable the repair was.My MacBook is now running like it was when I first bought it back in 2011.Don't throw out your "vintage" MacBook, call Frances, put it in the post and be surprised, like all the other reviews. - 10 months ago 

    Christopher Griggs AvatarChristopher Griggs

    Very happy with the enthusiastic support provided by staff. Was able to get MacBook Pro repaired when it wouldn’t boot the OS. They repaired the graphics on the mainboard. Even offered RAM upgrade while laptop already open. Something I hadn’t considered till prompted. Saved having to pay someone else for the install. Repair was completed on time. There is parking around the back at IGA if you don’t score one right out front. - 10 months ago 

  • Lisette Deumer AvatarLisette Deumer

    I had been driving past IT-Tech Online a few times and noticed their shop front signs saying, we can fix your Apple Mac. I have a 2011 MacBook Pro that was coffee damaged back in 2012. - It was apparently fixed... but this was the case. The laptop powered up but nothing happened after that. After a short email to IT-Tech Online, I had a call back from Frances confirming to bring my MacBook in and they would take a look. Frances informed me of what her team would do to try to repair my Mac. She was friendly, professional and gave me confidence in what was possible, also confirming costs. Frances kept me up to date as the repair process moved forward and I am thrilled with the outcome of a perfect working MacBook Pro. 5+ STARS for Frances and her team. If you need any work done on your Mac, give Frances a call, she is so helpful and has such a great friendly manner. Thank you Frances, thank you so much. Regards, Lisette - Oakleigh. - 10 months ago 

    Mark Royston AvatarMark Royston

    Unfortunately my MacAirbook had symptoms of water damage, after searching the web for symptoms etc I stumbled across IT-Tech’s website who had some great reviews from others with same issue, I submitted my form online and received a call from Frances the same day who explained process etc, she could not have been more helpful. As I was travelling to Melb the next month, I was able to take it in the day we arrived for a check, they knew I was heading off in a few days and to my relief I received a call the next day to say it was all fixed. So pleased I took it to IT-Tech, could not recommend them highly enough. Best of all the cost was minimal compared to a new laptop!!Anne - 10 months ago 

    Andrew Smee AvatarAndrew Smee

    My Macbook Pro suffered a coming together with a glass of wine. My local Apple reseller had no solution other than a new computer, but when I found IT-Tech Online, i received immediate attention a swift diagnosis and a price for the repair that was entirely reasonable. The work was done with consultation and the newly repaired computer was back in my hands in short order. Highly recommended and not as a last resort. - 10 months ago 

  • sivasiva Avatarsivasiva

    I sent my MBP 2011 13” here to get the logic board fixed. I wouldnt have sent it here if it hadnt been for all the good reviews. Im glad i did; fast turn around, great help from Frances and now my MBP is back in action. Thanks for the great service 👍 - 10 months ago 

    Jenny Ly AvatarJenny Ly

    Highly recommended! My laptop was water damaged and it took the Apple store a week to tell me the problem and that the repair would be $800. In less than a day, Frances told me the problems and that it would cost me almost half the price. They fixed my laptop in less than 24 hours and shipped it back to me the following day. - 11 months ago 

    Taylor Wan AvatarTaylor Wan

    Spend such a best time with IT-Tech, I accidentally spilled coffee into my MacBook Pro, and I went to apple, 1700 aud for them to repair. Then I found IT-Tech, fastest and nicest work done as I am a student and and I need the laptop as soon as possible. For a quite long time, I thought they replace a new MacBook for me by just looking at the surface. Thank you so much IT-Tech. I highly recommend everyone who has problem with their laptop. The best price you can get, and the best service you can get. - 11 months ago 

  • James Vincent AvatarJames Vincent

    Frances & Carl did an amazing job repairing my 2011 Macbook Pro!This is the model that is renowned for having GPU (graphics chip problems) Apple had told me that this "Vintage" machine is too old & can't be repaired! Well Frances & Carl repaired it! They really know what makes these machines tick & were able to bypass the cancerous GPU using the perfectly capable Intel GPU on the logic board. It's great to have professionals working on it, as I've had too many people take my money previously & not fix the problems! Frances & Carl can get right down to the resistor and diode parts of the machines - not many people know how to do that anymore. Not to mention, I had the machine back within the day! Prices are very reasonable too! These machines are too good to just throw away, when some relatively inexpensive small repairs can give them at least another few years of life! Thanks again Frances & Carl. Cheers James - 11 months ago 

    Seany B AvatarSeany B

    I recently had my MacBook Pro repaired at IT Tech online and Frances helped me arrange at all. Frances is fantastic, efficient, to the point and trustworthy. The whole repair only took 2 days which is a very quick turnaround. The whole repair process was fantastic and they have a high level of skill to be able to repair parts of the logic board instead of just replacing it.Would 100% recommend to anybody, I may even send them my own laptop again if anything was to go wrong, from Jindabyne in the future.Thank you. - 1 year ago 

    Rony Rony AvatarRony Rony

    Guys, This is the best place for MAC book repair place. I went apple store and they said for fixing need $700. And they fix my MAC just less then 48 hours with very reasonable price. Don’t spend time to go other place for wasting time and money , better done job first time with perfect price in there.I think they have better knowledge then Apple store people.Thanks IT Tech - 1 year ago 

  • Lisa Wraight AvatarLisa Wraight

    Brilliant brilliant brilliant!! Right from the first phone call, Frances helped inspire confidence that she could help. She quickly identified the problem, explained that she would replace Logic Board & do further upgrade. I wanted a new keyboard too. Frances’s costs were better than competitive. I felt incredibly happy I could salvage my special laptop - my little baby!! I’d especially be able to still use everything I loved about it before, like playing my Dvd library collection, still being able to connect it to a tv. Others had said I wouldn’t be able to do that anymore. Even though I live in Qld, Frances gave such brilliant postage instructions it was incredibly easy to post my 15” MacBook Pro. She kept me updated with text msgs & phone calls- when received, when fixed, when re-posted all up within a few working days! Exceptionally good service, as if she was just around the corner! All others, even Apple, had said “buy a new computer, it’s “vintage” anyway & not worth repairing”. Thank goodness for Frances! And I thank my wonderful husband who found her on-line in the first place. I thoroughly recommend Frances & her business!! Cheers from Lisa - 1 year ago 

    Shaun Campbell AvatarShaun Campbell

    Highly Recommended. My iMac wouldn't fire up so I left it with Frances to fix it. She called me later that day, explained what the issue was, how much it would cost to fix and when it would be ready. True to her word, the computer was ready on time, worked as it should and cost what she said it would. Thank you frances - 1 year ago 

    Julian Gin AvatarJulian Gin

    Excellent! I had water damage to my logic board on my Macbook Pro 2018 with touch bar. The only thing faulty was the touch bar + logic board, and Apple quoted $1900 to repair - which included repair everything else that wasn't even broken. Thankfully IT-Tech managed to fix everything for 1/4 of the cost. Working just like new! - 1 year ago 

  • Ingrid Jones AvatarIngrid Jones

    Frances and Carl are amazing! They are friendly, caring and professional. I was told by an Apple shop that I had lost all my data and needed a new logic board with my mac. With Frances and Carl, it wasn't the case, my computer was fixed and returned to me, as good as new, with all my files, within 3 days! Thank you so much! - 1 year ago 

    Nicki Thomson AvatarNicki Thomson

    Amazing service from Frances and Carl. Apple Genius Bar told me both my hard disk drive and graphics processing unit on my late 2011 Apple iMac 27" had "failed" and that as the machine was now viewed as "vintage" by Apple, I would be lucky to find anywhere that could obtain parts to fix it. It was also suggested that I may need a new logic board too. The cost of replacing the iMac with a current model would be around the $2,500 mark. After a quick enquiry to IT-tech online, I was provided with a rough estimate that was nowhere near the figures Apple had quoted me. I dropped the iMac off to Frances and Carl on Thursday morning and collected it on Tuesday morning. All fixed, as good as new, and all my data was also transferred from the old hard drive to the new one (at a fraction of the cost quoted by Apple to repair or replace). I would highly recommend IT-Tech Online to anyone who is experiencing issues with their PC or Mac. Thank you so much! - 1 year ago 

    Paige AvatarPaige

    I would never take my laptop elsewhere! I went to apple they quoted me $700 and deleted my data without permission. Francis quoted me for less than half price and kept me informed every step of the way. Had my laptop back in 2 days, and it was even cleaned! Will NEVER take my products to apple ever again, and will come straight to Francis. Could not recommend her more highly!!! - 1 year ago 

  • Katrin Oliver AvatarKatrin Oliver

    Frances provided an amazing service for our family, repairing my son's Macbook very quickly so he could get on with his VCE work. We posted the computer and it was fixed and returned within a week. Very professional with extremely good communication and super fast. Will keep using IT-Tech Online for all our computer issues. - 1 year ago 

    John Wagenvoort AvatarJohn Wagenvoort

    "Must Go" for anyone with out of warranty MacBookMine is a MacBook Pro 17" - A known video issue had this machine see a new logic board two years ago under the Apple replacement program. Two years later and the logic board has died again with Apple claiming game over as the machine is now deemed "vintage". Two years is all they seem to think s system has to work for. "Just long enough to get it out of warranty".So a Google search or two revealed a local saviour, "IT-Tech" in East Brighton.Upon calling Francis, she immediately identified with the issue given my MacBook Pro 17 and offered up the "possibly only" solution.Picked the machine up today and all is well. The only caveat being that the computer no longer supports a secondary monitor by way of the ThunderBolt port. Not a big deal given that this machine is no longer my primary Apple Mac.Thank you Francis for your sensational advice and service. - 1 year ago 

    Devshini De Silva AvatarDevshini De Silva

    Frances is really good! She is very friendly and professional. The Apple store told me that I needed a new logic board and I might lose all my data. However, Frances replaced my logic board and returned my laptop to me within 24 hours with all my data in it! Thank you so much Frances! - 1 year ago 

  • Krit Nikhomthat AvatarKrit Nikhomthat

    Frances is super friendly and providing excellent service. My macbook pro's backlight was broke. Apple told me only solution to fix this was to replace entire screen which is insane. After done all the research, god sent me Frances to fix the issue. They knew right away what the issue was and handing it professionally. However, It was fixed within 3 days and they even did some extra work for my macbook as well like fixed the hinge of the screen, replaced missing rubber feet and a screw for me. ! I am totally appreciated and thankful. Definitely come back again and recommend to others friends and colleague. Thank you 🙂 - 1 year ago 

    Robert Janoska AvatarRobert Janoska

    Frances and Carl are fantastic. They provided a great service. I sent them my MacBook Pro last Friday, they replaced the GPU and upgraded the RAM and I received it back the following Friday morning. I live in Brisbane, wow, what a quick turn around time. Frances kept me in the loop the whole time with text messages. I can't recommend them highly enough. - 1 year ago 

    Timmy AvatarTimmy

    If you have a water damaged Macbook Pro this is genuinely the best place you can go. Whilst you might be able to clean your damaged mac with alcohol, IT-Tech Online will repair any damaged components of your logic board without having to replace the entire board. Thank you so much Frances and Carl 🙂 I will tell everyone about my experience - thank you for saving my laptop after multiple people told me I would need a new one. - 1 year ago 

  • Richard Bahnsen AvatarRichard Bahnsen

    Daughter in law's Macbook Pro was liquified by one of her young children and keyboard keys lifted off. IT-Tech fixed the problems within two days. Great service, prompt and cost effective. Too many shops are just pulling out and replacing instead of repairing. You don't get new boards anyway for older computers, you get factory refurbished because new not available anymore, and you pay the price. Very impressed with Frances and her husband who is the genius repairer. - 1 year ago 

    Brad Hocking AvatarBrad Hocking

    Had your typical Apple response of we can't guarantee but looks like a logic board issue, and will charge you through the roof. Took it in to IT Tech and Francis was speedy in providing quotes on different resolutions. It was fixed with in 5hrs of dropping it off and picked up the next moring at a fraction of the cost. Thank you! Will recommend to others to come here - 1 year ago 

    Raymond Brooks AvatarRaymond Brooks

    Apple told me my 2011 17" MacBook Pro was past its use by date, the unstated, but implied, view being 'throw it away and buy a new one'. Frances fixed it - promptly, efficiently - so that my computer has a new lease on life.So, a broken-down MacBook Pro? Don't hesitate - and don't mess about with other Mac repairers. Take it to IT Tech. - 1 year ago 

  • Jay Jun AvatarJay Jun

    Francis was amazing. First of all she let know of what the issue is specifically which part was damaged and which part needed replacement. Other places wouldnt even tell me what was wrong and charged me a fee for diagnose. If you are looking for someone to fix your laptop, LOOK NO FURTHER. The best in Australia - 1 year ago 

    fran m Avatarfran m

    Frances and team helped with our MacBook Pro issue. They were so efficient and knew exactly how to deal with the problem we were experiencing. They were incredibly fast in sorting out the issue and in returning the notebook. We am very happy with the service and would use them again without hesitation. A wonderful gem of a place and people, in Bentleigh. P.s We travelled from afar just to get them to work on my MacBook, so we really do appreciate the wonderful assistance they have provided to us. - 1 year ago 

    Claudia Lee AvatarClaudia Lee

    I usually do not leave a review but with IT-Tech Online I'd to do so because it was a best experience and the supportive feedbacks/updates on my Macbook pro (water damaged) repair/replace needs that was outstanding! I was very pleased and satisfied with their services (before and after with 90 days warranty) plus the price was reasonable! Since, the apple store I was distressed about getting it fixed due to the repairing price was around &800 to $1000! Also, Frances (great business lady with a golden hearted person) is one of the caring & passionate yet super professional! My Macbook pro is currently wokring/ running fine and smoothly!Once again, Ik - 1 year ago 

  • Myles Mumford AvatarMyles Mumford

    Excellent service! My 2011 17inch macbook pro with the dreaded GPU was repaired in under 3 hours and it's back to being a wonderful machine.As an aside: The GPU fault is a well known manufacturing defect as admitted by Apple. Apple ran a worldwide recall replacing the faulty GPUs but they replaced them with similarly faulty GPUs which eventually fail. Mine was replaced in 2016 and failed a second time in mid2018. After calling Apple and being told that it was long out of warranty, I pointed out that manufacturing defects are covered by Australian Consumer Law for the "reasonable life" of the product. Apple immediately transferred me to a specialist who offered me a $650 refund for the faulty GPU. I argued further but couldn't get any additional support. Apple did send me a $650 refund which I used to repair the macbook at IT-Tech and have been very happy (pocketing the difference too!)Thank you! - 1 year ago 

    Angus Maloney AvatarAngus Maloney

    Amazing service super fast about it aswell. Saved me over $600 when apple quoted me a ridicules price to fix my macbook brought it here and was instantly impressed by how professional and knowledgable they were. The moment I mentioned the problem they knew instantly the cause and had it fixed within 24h. - 1 year ago 

    Luke Hindson AvatarLuke Hindson

    Excellent experience throughout. Macbook Air experienced some board damage due to liquid. I originally took it to another place and they quoted 2 weeks to do the repair. I then found IT-Tech on Google and took it to them on Monday afternoon. I am now the next day typing this Google review. Pricing was communicated up front and I was impressed and the level of knowledge and experience in board work this business has. Would 100% recommend to anyone with any Macbook issues. 🙂 - 1 year ago 

  • Lewis Thomas AvatarLewis Thomas

    Total pleasure. Emailed via the website to ask about a logic board repair. Got a reply via SMS within 10 mins (on a weekend!). Frances was very knowledgable & helpful. Mailed MacBook from Bris on Monday.Told what had to be replaced on Tuesday, at a fixed price. Repaired logic board and new keyboard fitted. Photos sent before MacBook despatched. Arrived back on Friday. Working perfectly. Much better than buying the new MBP that Apple tried to sell me. Love your work Frances! Will recommend you to anyone. Lewis - 1 year ago 

    Natalie Jon AvatarNatalie Jon

    I accidentally spilt water all over my Macbook Air thinking my laptop broke and couldn’t be fixed. After being told by apple I would have to purchase a new MacBook I decide to come into IT-TECH. Frances was very kind and helpful and assured me with a gaurentee that the laptop will be fixed! 1 day after dropping it off Frances informed me that my macbook was fixed and ready to be picked up. The price was extremely reasonable, especially considering that I would had to pay 2000$ for a new laptop I ended up paying 400$. I highly recommend this place you won’t regret it! - 1 year ago 

    Glen Barrow AvatarGlen Barrow

    I sent a MacBook on a Thursday Arrived on the Friday - was informed by Staff that they will look at on the Monday. Repaired and returned by Wednesday. Our Location Mildura - North East Victoria 6 hours from Melbourne. Lovely to talk to and updated all the way through the process. Very please with the service. - 1 year ago 

  • Angus Santostefano AvatarAngus Santostefano

    Excellent service from start to finish - helped with our Macbook Air for a very reasonable price where Apple was going to charge more than a new computer - turn around was very fast - I posted the Macbook from interstate on a Friday and had it back by the following Wednesday. Thank you! - 1 year ago 

    Eve Makrai AvatarEve Makrai

    My daughter's Apple MacBook suffered severe water damage and while it was dead we were more concerned about data retrieval. Unfortunately Apple were no help but IT Online offered excellent service and retrieved all the data within a couple of hours and on a Friday night!! Would definitely recommend them. - 1 year ago 

    Clive Banfield AvatarClive Banfield

    Highly recommend this business - #1 for Apple repairs.Found IT-Tech Online after Apple 'wrote off' my mid 2010 15” MacBook Pro. They repaired a GPU fault on the logic board, replaced a water damaged trackpad and a faulty screen. Francis provided an upfront quotation and Carl had the the repairs completed, with no hidden extras, in just a few hours on the same day. Really great service and reasonably priced. Very impressed to say the least. Be sure to check the other reviews. - 1 year ago 

  • Max Warren AvatarMax Warren

    Having been told the laptop we purchased in 2011 was useless and of no value - after consultation with I-Tec it is now running better than ever at a very reasonable cost - no hesitating in confirming their service, attitude and understanding - there should be more of this type of service. - 1 year ago 

    Russell AvatarRussell

    When the display of my 17-inch MacBook Pro (2011) failed I decided to do what I could to keep the machine alive. I did some research and made one phone call. It was reassuring when IT-Tech Online promptly identified the likely culprit, a failed GPU, and explained that they had repaired many 17-inch MacBooks with the same problem. I sent the computer in the mail and received updates at every stage, from receiving the package to photographs of the repaired computer just two days later. The IT-Tech Online solution was simple, disable the failed GPU and activate a second GPU that is already present in the machine. IT Tech Online explained that my computer would no longer be able to support an external monitor via the Display Port, but data transfer via Thunderbolt would function as normal. Communication from IT-Tech Online was excellent, the price quoted was very fair and much less costly than other options (replace the motherboard or buy a new computer). When I picked up the computer I received a run down on a few minor changes, and I was pleased to find the machine running beautifully with a clean install of OSX (that I had requested as I had recently installed a blank SSD drive). Breathing new life into my classic MacBook Pro turned out to be a good choice. It was a pleasure to do business with the IT-Tech Online team. - 1 year ago 

    Paul Gittings AvatarPaul Gittings

    My Macbook died. I took it to a repair store in Sydney and they quoted me $890 to fix it by replacing the logic board, which was more than I wanted to spend. I sent IT-Tech an email asking for a quote for replacing a logic board. A couple of hours later I got a call from Frances at IT-Tech saying the problem I described was very common and they didn't need to replace the logic board to fix it, she recommended a board level repair at less than half what I'd been quoted before. Frances sent me postal details and even told me what size box I needed to get at the post office to ship the Mac in. Mailed it down Friday got it back on Wednesday!!!!! Fully working and no loss of data! I was stoked!!! Frances kept me informed all the through, texted me when my mac got there, when their tests cofirmed the issue as discussed, when the repair was done and when the Mac was shipped back.My experience with IT-Tech Online was fantastic. Frances is very professional and friendly, I felt informed all the way, and the repair was done amazingly quickly, at a reasonable cost. Also due to their expertise it means one electronic board did not go to landfill.I whole heartedly recommend IT-Tech! - 1 year ago 

  • Stephen Lee AvatarStephen Lee

    I had a best experience with IT-Tech Online! The service was great and the price was right. I was told by MyMac that my MB Pro 13-inch with TB was dead and not worth fixing (~$1400 for repair). I thought I would make a last ditch effort to repair it with IT-Tech and boy was I pleased with my decision. The computer is now working well and I thank the team at IT-Tech for their efforts. - 1 year ago 

    Omar Abouelenein AvatarOmar Abouelenein

    Amazing service by Frances & very quick one day only to bring my MacBook Pro back to life after Genius bar told me it was dead & to buy new one! Graphic card unit on logic board for late 2011 model..Finally a business that specialises on very common problems. Highly recommend & value for money. - 1 year ago 

    Padma Dorjee AvatarPadma Dorjee

    What an experience!!!I fixed 2 Macbook Pro's with this awesome husband and wife team for cheaper than apple quoted to fix one. In fact, Apple couldn't fix the motherboard and said I had to get a new computer but Francis was confident her husband could fix and he did. It's like a new computer. I travelled from past the airport to their shop and will never go anywhere else from now on. PLEASE don't hesitate, Super qualified and very honest. Francis even gave discount because I didn't have exact change, they are amazing. - 1 year ago 

  • Campbell Noonan -One Agency Peninsula AvatarCampbell Noonan -One Agency Peninsula

    Wow! Check out the reviews. Surely they can't all be family? Well I can say my personal experience was A1 with IT-Tech Online! I had my motherboard repaired on my old trusty Mid 2010 iMac 27" which i was suggested by an apple repairer to bin. IT-Tech Online fixed it promptly and cost effectively. Very happy - 1 year ago 

    Roderick Price AvatarRoderick Price

    I can highly recommend IT Tech for providing truly amazing service. My 2012 MacBook had completely shut itself down to the point where it wouldnt turn on again. I was worried that I might have lost all my data. I called IT Tech who reassured me over the phone they’d be able to fix everything. They did, now my laptop runs better than ever and all my data was recovered in less than 3 days. Fantastic customer service and communication. Helpful in finding the best solution to fix the problem. - 1 year ago 

    Steve Ladd AvatarSteve Ladd

    I was referred to the "IT tech" shop by a customer of mine when I mentioned to them that I was having trouble with my macbook Pro 2011. I paid another shop to look at it only to be told that I would need a $800 motherboard to fix it. I said to that shop : "forget it". Francis fixed the problem + got me another battery (which the other place didn't pick up that I needed) + a new SSD harddrive & some handy software all for much less than the so called motherboard that I didn't actually need after all. I also got a discount when I paid cash + a 90 day warranty. I'm very happy indeed. Thank You so much Francis ! - 1 year ago 

  • Scott Sanders AvatarScott Sanders

    Best customer service I’ve had in a long time from a retailer. I express posted my 7 year MacBook Pro from country Vic for a new motherboard and keyboard after water damage. Was back to me in 3 working days. Cheaper then official Mac service centre that wouldn’t touch it as it was too old. They had all the parts needed in hand. And was the same price as if I ordered the parts and tried to do it myself. But with guaranteed that it would be fixed! Aaa+ for speed and customer service and price. - 1 year ago 

    D M AvatarD M

    MacBook Pro repair, received a quote via email instantly. Dropped off my MacBook off and was repaired same day. Frances went above and beyond what was quoted and even spent extra time going through everything on pick up. Highly recommended and will definitely be using your service in the future. Thankyou - 1 year ago 

    Julia Runci AvatarJulia Runci

    Very happy with the service I received. I took my 17 inch MacBook Pro in to have the graphics card replaced and had it back in two days. They also picked up that my keyboard wasn't working properly and replaced that as well. Great, efficient service and affordable cost - highly recommend! - 1 year ago 

  • Chess Allan AvatarChess Allan

    After suddenly having the 'white screen of death' on my mac and literally panicking with what it all might cost me both in time and money... I found these guys and simply have nothing but praise for their services and their very fair pricing! ... From me they are now highly recommended if you have any computer problems! Thanks for all your help! - 1 year ago 

    James Govan AvatarJames Govan

    After a couple fruitless weeks trying to find a local repairer for my 17” MacBook Pro’s logic board, I discovered IT-Tech Online during a Google search.Sending an expensive laptop interstate in the mail had me worried at first, but in hindsight it was absolutely the way to go. Within a few days the laptop was back home and working perfectly.Throughout the process, Frances did a super job communicating the diagnosis, what needed to be done, and how much everything would cost, and Carl was able to answer any technical question I could throw at him.Overall an outstanding experience, I couldn’t be happier. Frances and Carl are exceptional at what they do - you really can’t get better customer service and expertise. Probably the best MacBook repairers in Australia. I highly recommend. - 1 year ago 

    Chris Ripoll AvatarChris Ripoll

    I was about to throw my Macbook laptop in the bin because another Apple repair shop in Sydney said it was not worth fixing, then I did one more google search and found IT-Tech Online. I sent them an email and got a call from Frances. To my delight she said she can fix it for me. To cut a story short, within one week...yes, one week I am sitting in front of my working laptop with a smile on my face. IT-Tech online; You are my Apple go-to-people from this day onwards. Thank you .. - 1 year ago 

  • Mike Woods AvatarMike Woods

    I was sceptical at first as this place has almost all 5 star reviews and the website wasn't super flash. Took a chance as I wanted my MacBook logic board replaced and wasn't going to be gouged by Apple. After submitting an enquiry online Frances called back within the hour and organised a time to drop off my computer. Service was completed ahead of schedule and at the price quoted. I couldn't recommend any higher if you are looking for a quality and affordable repairer. - 1 year ago 

    Sarah Reardon AvatarSarah Reardon

    Found IT Tech Online after the Apple Store told me my MacBook was vintage and to basically buy a new one. I love the 17inch screen so was desperate to get it repaired. Had great customer service from Frances, communicated all costs involved and fixed my Mac in a timely manner. Highly recommend this business. Thanks again. - 1 year ago 

    Scott Batterson AvatarScott Batterson

    Words can not describe how efficient and professional this team is. I was tired of dealing with local businesses who were too expensive and too busy....I ended up using IT Tech all via AUS POST and it worked so well. They were texting me daily with updates and I had the laptop back within a few days...back to brand new as well!! Thank you!!!! - 1 year ago 

  • Jason Singh AvatarJason Singh

    2011 Macbook Pro 17inch with GPU issues. 2 shops in Sydney made it worse and just wanted replace laptop. I like the 17inch and as they don't make them anymore and its a size that suits me. Was hesitant to stick it in the post and send to Melbourne but just started to get desperate after 2 local failed attempts. Service was 100%, communication was great and was talking to Frances everyday. They where very direct and told me all the ups and downs to modifying and repairing Logic board along with a direct cost. left Sydney on on Monday and had it back by Friday so 100% all round, Will only send my mac to them from now on. Frances also recommended a SSD hard drive as the old girl is slow, best thing i did, has made the old girl fast again like it still 2011..:) - 1 year ago 

    Jason Z. AvatarJason Z.

    Excellent and professional service, I highly recommend them. My keyboard was sticky after spilling a small glass of wine. Being to couple of apple stores and they've for more than $400 to replace the whole thing without other alternatives. IT-Tech online gave me a reasonable price and they fixed it for me in a timely manner. Really appreciate it and I will definitely go back if I need any other computer repairs. - 1 year ago 

    Ian Amos AvatarIan Amos

    Very Professional and importantly able to fix the logic board issues that I was informed was not financially viable - buy a new MacBook Pro the original repairer said. Found IT-Tech Online after a google search and shipped the Mac off to them from Sydney. The team kept me in the loop with the issues and fixes and it was back with me within a couple of days. Would HIGHLY RECOMMEND these guys and have done to a colleague.Great job and thank you very much 🙂 - 1 year ago 

  • Ram PSingh AvatarRam PSingh

    Excellent and friendly service by Frances , IT tech on line has given a second life to my MAC book Pro that was declared dead by the Apple genius bar team and Apple team said it couldnt be repaired. IT tech team highly professional and efficient. Very reasonable fast unbelievable service .. - 1 year ago 

    Robert Stemp AvatarRobert Stemp

    Frances is a warm and energetic front of house person who is able to understand what work has been done by her husband. Carl is an excellent technician and very trustworthy. I am confident that he will fix all my problems and do so at very reasonable prices. I travel across town to have maintenance done by IY-TECH. They are a good team. - 1 year ago 

    adam hinshaw Avataradam hinshaw

    They were able to repair my macbook pro with several logic board failures at a 1/3 of the cost i’d been quoted to replace it by Apple Repair Centre. The were very prompt; diagnosed and repaired mac within 24 hours of receiving it. I had no issues posting machine from northern NSW. I was kept informed at every step and offered good advise. They were honest, friendly and professional with a genuine feeling. The contrast of their service compared to my local apple service centre was extreme. I’m very happy to have found this business and would recommend it. - 1 year ago 

  • George Karamalis AvatarGeorge Karamalis

    I read the reviews on the It -Tech Online website when I was contemplating the repair of my lifeless MacBook Pro 17 (2011) that died from a cancerous AMD GPU chip. It-Tech Online presented a solution I had never found anywhere else on my search of the internet. To remove the chip and enable the discreet GPU chip to be directly connected, permanently, in a unique way. This was not a software solution but rather, with Carl’s exceptional qualification and expertise as an electronics engineer at It -Tech Online, a HARDWARE configuration that enabled my MacBook Pro to run very cool and without the inevitable failure even with the newly replaced AMD chip (they can replace the damaged AMD GPU chip with a brand new one with leaded solder balls if one chooses). Now this did mean I wasn’t going to be able to play games or use an intense graphics program on my laptop again but because I didn’t use this capability I decided to choose this option. Another reason why I went in this direction was the laptop would run generally a lot cooler, as Frances, the business partner and receptionist told me. I use an intense audio program (Logic X) on this laptop so I figured it would help all round. I got it back within a few days and it all ended up as explained and promised! Awesome! The fan noise is down which always helps in a recording studio environment. DVDs, BlueRays (I fitted a BlueRay rom in my MacBook Pro) and HD movies play exactly as before. Thank you Carl and Frances for your very approachable, professional and specialized service! - 1 year ago 

    Adrian Hallam AvatarAdrian Hallam

    Very Pleased with the fantastic service i received from I -Tech online. I had my Gpu fail in my 2011 Macbook pro. I emailed on the website and received a call within 5 minutes. I spoke with Frances whom was very helpful and also texted me all the info i needed to know. I sent my Mac from interstate and the turn around time was very quick. What really impressed me was the excellent communication i was given and i would highly recommend this service. - 1 year ago 

    Cheryl Macleod AvatarCheryl Macleod

    These guys were fantastic. My laptop is running like a dream now. Everything was explained in detail, no surprise fee's at the end, friendly service, and the lady even helped out with a couple of extra things and didn't charge extra. I will definitely go back. I also recommend them to someone else and they were extremely happy with the service also 👍 - 1 year ago 

  • Julie Pastore AvatarJulie Pastore

    My Apple Macbook Pro died. Apple said they could not help as my laptop is "vintage", "they don't make graphics cards for my model anymore"?! 🙁 I searched Google to find a solution and came across IT-Tech Online. I called Frances and what miracle worker she is. Within a day, she had my laptop up and running again, just as she promised. Very reasonably priced. I'd definitely recommend. Thank you so much Frances. - 1 year ago 

    Michael Louw AvatarMichael Louw

    I couldn't find anyone in Perth who was willing or able to repair my MacBook Pro when its GPU failed. Frances was super friendly and helpful and it took less than a week to send the faulty Mac to them in Victoria and receive the repaired machine back in Perth. Now that's awesome service right there! - 1 year ago 

    Joshua Bulleid AvatarJoshua Bulleid

    IT-Tech Online fixed my macbook doubled the RAM and replaced the battery for half what Apple quoted me to replace my broken logic board. They also cleaned it and replaced the missing feet on the bottom which was a nice surprise. These guys are life-savers and I couldn't be happier with their service. - 1 year ago 

  • Francezca del Rosario AvatarFrancezca del Rosario

    Awesome work guys! I totally recommend this to anyone with laptop problems, and especially those with mac problems. My mac died, brought it to Apple and other stores and just plainly gave up that it will be fixed. Two years after I found this store and didn't hesitate to bring my macbook pro to them cause the thing has a sentimental value to me. What I really liked about them is that they will update you every step of the way. And they would explain stuff that I didn't know so you would have all the option on what or how your mac will be fixed. They would let you know about things that can be fixed but would cost more but that it will be okay not to fix that cause it only does this or that, so you would have a choice with how it should be fixed. And you would really receive a call as they are fixing it, which I really like. Another thing is the cost, I paid a reasonable cost for getting my mac fixed, the other stores and Apple asked for more than 100% of the price I paid to this shop. So yeah, I couldn't recommend them enough, but seriously if you have any mac problems this is the shop to go. They really know what they're doing to you laptop and to the logic board. Thank you again It-Tech! - 1 year ago 

    Chrystal .L AvatarChrystal .L

    Frances was a joy to communicate with and in person as well! Her husband did the repair/replacement for my MacBook screen (due to water trapped under the screen after tipping water accidentally) really quick and I could collect it within 1-2 days! Price quoted was also way better than the Apple store and they even cleaned my MacBook internally up for an additional small fee. - 1 year ago 

    Drumsand Drumming AvatarDrumsand Drumming

    IT-Tech Online are at the fore front of addressing issues with the morally bereft Apple Co. They are like the Australian version of You Tube's Louis Rossmann (check him out!) helping customers with the many and varied issues that are rife in Apple's products. If I'd gone to any other Apple approved dealer they would have told me..."Oh, I'm sorry.. your item is no longer parts supported. We can't (read WONT) fix it for you", leaving me with little other options other than spending thousands to buy another whole computer. Well... for a very reasonable price (considering the alternative), IT-Tech Online fixed my Mac Book Pro 2011 within 24 hours and I'm using it now to write this review. Love you guys... thanks so much. - 1 year ago 

  • Anthony Hulls AvatarAnthony Hulls

    My ageing MacBook Pro was in need of some serious diagnostics and repairs. An after hours email enquiry saw Frances contact me immediately to discuss the issue and price to repair. The whole process was extremely easy and I was super happy with the customer service and quality of repairs. They even cleaned my Mac which now looks new again! - 1 year ago 

    adamthegrip Avataradamthegrip

    Frances and Carl have helped me out with two of my MacBook pro’s, both of which were deemed not repairable by Apple themselves (both due to design flaws and just out of warranty)Carl explained the best method of repair and in a few days the job was done and I had a working laptop back (they actually run better than before)In any case I would highly recommend them as an after sales service for MacBook repairs. - 1 year ago 

    Trevor Macleod AvatarTrevor Macleod

    I had a Toshiba laptop PC with some hardware problems (faulty cooling fan and battery not holding charge) and I took it to IT-Tech Online for assessment and repair. I am very impressed with how efficient and professional the IT-Tech Online team was. I had my laptop quoted for and repaired well ahead of what I expected. Quality of the repair seems fine and pricing of parts & labor was very reasonable. Warranty is offered on repair/parts too. I'm a very happy customer and have no hesitation in recommending IT-Tech Online. - 1 year ago 

  • Bruce T AvatarBruce T

    It is four months since I had the extremely good fortune to make contact with the folk at iT-Tech , who after I had been told by so many alleged experts that it was a lost cause to try and get my BTO MacBook Pro [17inch Late 2011] repaired, told me me bring it in and we will have it fixed for you in no more than 2 days.Being 'reasonably close' I took it in the next morning.Short History of fault : -Updated the operating system to the then latest mac OS Sierra all ran well for a few months but after upgrading to High Sierra things began to be tricky the unit fans began to run at high speed often, too often.The computer began to shut down without any apparent reason.I decided to gather a number of vital statistics once gathered and sortedI decided to print them out for study and analysis.However upon going to the printer to make a hard copy of all this data the computer just shut down and from that moment refused to comply ...Contact was made with Apple who directed me me an Apple Store, they then passed me on to AppleCare who came straight to the point and suggested I invest in a new up to date MacBook Pro although smaller would be quite satisfactory. That was not satisfactory not at $4,100 plus.The alternative was to ditch it and stick with the Mac Pro.Not one to throw in the towel, I made numerous 'phone calls, the majority of which were Apple specialists. All responses were negative, it was even suggested that I take in get it appraised and probably all it would need would be a re-installation of the operating software and rebuild of otherapplications/software.All of this even search a number of sites overseas, yes we have the part required only currently we are out of stock - no we don't know when we will get restocked.Desperate, I put a Mayday out onto the internet and I got an answer 'iT-Tech'I opened the link, got some details and made contact.I spoke with Frances, explained the problem, she had it diagnosed and explained it all to me.The next morning I had the computer ready and went to their premises,all aspects of the repair and alternatives were discussed, I left.Returning the following day to collect it, pleased to see it was running and running really well.It has continued to operate without any problems, but to be sure I have added a Havit Cooling Pad for 12" to 17" Laptops. (as insurance no more!)As a point of interest, a well known Apple reseller that I go to from time to time for accessories said to me, had you informed us of the problems you were having we would without any hesitation have recommended that you take your MacBook Pro straight to iT-Tech for a prompt and most professional resolution, they are the best in their field.They would have saved you from as lot of stress and problems for they are as stated tops in their field.I too would if asked recommend them to anyone that wants a repair or a satisfactory resolution to any problem with their computer, particularly amac! - 1 year ago 

    Anna Bogdal AvatarAnna Bogdal

    IT-Tech Online resolved the AMD Graphics and overheating issue on my 2011 MacBook Pro 15 within 2 hours of taking it in to them - after the repair was rejected by Apple as unviable - Frances was delightful and I now have my 16 GB Customised MacBook Pro back and working brilliantly at an affordable cost - thank you Frances and Carl! - 1 year ago 

    David Russell AvatarDavid Russell

    Our computer shop told me that the faulty logic board in my MacBook Pro could not be replaced or fixed, the only option was to buy another laptop ($4K-6K)! Fortunately I found IT-Tech Online on the Internet before I made that purchase!I posted the laptop from Tasmania to IT-Tech Online on Friday and it was returned fixed in 3 working days and for less than $400!I was very impressed with the friendliness, expertise, professionalism, transparency and quick service provided by Frances! Full marks and will readily recommend IT-Tech Online to anyone! - 1 year ago 

  • Michael Licenblat AvatarMichael Licenblat

    The Team at IT-TECH Online did a great job repairing my MacBook Pro. They took the time to explain exactly what the issue was, repaired the laptop with minimal downtime, and then sat with me after to show me what was repaired and how to avoid the same problem in the future. Great work!! - 1 year ago 

    Keith Dougall AvatarKeith Dougall

    I'm really glad I came across the number for IT-Tech Online - I was told by other repairers that the logic board on my macbook pro 2010 model was faulty and that it could not be repaired or replaced because it was considered a vintage model and they don't make parts anymore. I was able to call and talk things through with Frances directly - she was very helpful and offered to replace the logic board with a fully functional 2nd hand one and was great at guiding me through the process of safely but inexpensively wrapping and posting my laptop. They did the work and sent it back to me in Tasmania in less than 3 days. Great communication and very helpful each step of the way. Saved the environment and myself over $2500 by not buying a whole new macbook. Thanks guys - keep up the good work! - 1 year ago 

    Jose Figlioli AvatarJose Figlioli

    I've had a MacBook Pro for 5 years now. I had some problems, about 3 years ago and luckily I also had an warrant extension, so Apple fixed it. Two years later the same problem came up so I took it back to the Apple store only to find out that they couldn't fix it for it was too old. They offered me a 10% discount on a purchase of a new one. Big DISAPPOINTMENT. I really did not expect that kind of response. Fortunately a friend told me about IT-TECH ONLINE PTY LTD in Melbourne. After a first contact I sent my Apple laptop to them and in 5 days time, including two ways delivery time, here it is working fine and helping me to write this review. I couldn't be happier for they saved me me heaps of money and headaches. Thank you IT-Tech ONLINE. - 1 year ago 

  • Christopher Cheung AvatarChristopher Cheung

    I own a 15" late 2011 macbook pro and these are notorious for a failed GPU issue. Went to all the apple outlets and was told my mac is considered "vintage" and they couldnt do anything. Luckily i found frances and carls business and they helped to not only fix my laptop at a great price but gave me preventative measures afterwards to ensure it wouldnt happen again. Theyre both extremely helpful and positive. Would highly reccomend to anyone and everyone! - 1 year ago 

    paddy singh Avatarpaddy singh

    Great Work guys, only shop in Melbourne who knows what they doing and how to fix Logic board. Do not bother any other IT repair shop if you have MAC Book faulty. I have saved $$$. Apple is rip off. Thank you for your service. Great customer service. Appreciated your work - 1 year ago 

    Alice Watson AvatarAlice Watson

    Forget the rest; Carl Su is the real Genius when it comes to repairing Mac laptops.Other supposed specialists misdiagnosed my MacBook issue as a hard drive failure but could not tell me why it had failed.So I had a new hard drive installed but that didn’t fix the problem. I couldn’t install the OS I wanted because installation kept failing at the verification stage. Another supposed specialist told me that it was probably a logic board problem and not worth fixing. In this throw-away society, he wanted me to give up on my old MacBook and just buy a new one, which I didn’t want to do; nor could I afford to. I received virtually the same story from an authorised Mac repairer. I prayed repeatedly to God over the course of the next week to help me find a brilliant repair person who wouldn’t tell me that all was lost with my laptop (or try to persuade me to buy a new one), but who would just repair the broken part of it. Carl Su and Frances Li were the answer to my many prayers. I’m so happy that my Google search for ‘MacBook motherboard repairs, Melbourne’, led me to Carl and Frances. They are charming and enthusiastic. Frances responded to my voicemail message almost immediately and I booked my laptop in for repair on the next working day. Both Carl and Frances kept me informed of their findings and required my verbal consent before going ahead with any repairs. Within 2 days, Carl had located the motherboard problem, fixed the PCI bus, expanded the GB of RAM and reinstalled the OS of my choice. He even drew me a diagram and explained clearly what the PCI bus does and why he had to fix it. All for less than half the price quoted to me by Apple staff. Anyway, they told me that it would take 10 days to even look at my machine, and I needed it before then.So now I have a smooth-running, beautiful machine and a 90-day warranty on the repair. I’m so happy with Carl and Frances; they make an excellent team. I’ll be referring all my friends who are Mac owners (so that they don’t have to waste the time and money that I did at other places) to Carl and Frances at IT-Tech Online, East Bentleigh. Carl and Frances, long may you reign! 🙂 - 1 year ago 

  • Paul Hutton AvatarPaul Hutton

    Like many others rating IT-Tech Online, I have a MacBook Pro 15 late 2011 which suffered from Apple's dreaded "cooked by the GPU problem". I finally decided to send my dead machine to them for analysis and repair having found them on the internet by searching on this specific problem. As the logic board was still in good condition I opted to have them remove the GPU. They also replaced my failed battery with a good second hand one. I sent my MacBook to them on a Monday from northern NSW and had it back safe, sound and fixed on Wednesday of the following week. By contrast, the authorised Apple reseller wrote the thing off because "the logic board was no longer available". Even if the board had been available, it would have cost significantly more than twice the amount that I paid IT-Tech Online, and I got a (fairly) new battery included as well.Having spent the better part of my working life as an IT professional, I can safely say that Frances Li, the IT-Tech Online sales manager is one of the best customer focused individuals I have ever dealt with.If your computer is broken or for anything else in IT, don't hesitate to use this company, they provide a first class service and are very reasonable in their charges. - 1 year ago 

    Andrew Duncan AvatarAndrew Duncan

    I have a Macbook Pro 2011 17" that developed the pink and grey striped screen. This was the third time in its life that this had occurred. Apple informed me that it was the graphics processor (GPU) that had failed (again), that it was no longer supported and there was nothing they could do for me except sell me a new Mac. I contacted IT-Tech and they informed me that they could bypass the GPU and use the default Intel Graphics Processor, doing so I would loose the ability to run an external monitor and high intensive graphics processing would be slower. However, I would have a working Mac. IT-Tech were able to have my computer up and running again within a week express post Perth-Melbourne-Peth for a very reasonable price. Very impressed and the staff were very helpful. Would strongly recommend their service. - 1 year ago 

    Dom VA AvatarDom VA

    I have a 2011 Macbook which developed the dreaded GPU failure. Apple didn't want to know about it, other computer repair places wouldn't touch it. I'm always loathe to use places without a personal recommendation, but their website was just so incisive and informative with regards to the likely issue and how it can be resolved. Thanks to IT-Tech Online my laptop is now perfectly functional again. Works were conducted quickly and as quoted. Would happily recommend (as would plenty of others given how many Macbooks they had lined-up on their counter!) - 1 year ago 

  • Marc Hiscock AvatarMarc Hiscock

    What an unbelievable service provided by IT-Tech. My son spilt water on his MacBook Air, I took it too Frances the next morning and they had it fixed by that night. Given my son had an exam 2 days later only losing his data for less than a single day was absolutely amazing. - 1 year ago 

    Matthew Hall AvatarMatthew Hall

    I can not give Frances enough of a good wrap! I was told by Apple that my MacBook was unrepairable or would cost way more than a new unit. I held onto the MacBook and by chance came across IT-TECH! BLESSINGS!!! Do yourself a favour and give your business to this company. They are prompt, polite, HONEST and very good value. I live in NSW and will NOT use any other business from this point on!! Thanks Frances and IT- TECH!! - 1 year ago 

    Michael Gapper AvatarMichael Gapper

    My MacBook Pro had already had the logic board replaced by Apple once, but they told me it was non-repairable the second time. It-Tech got it back up and running at a very reasonable cost and within 2 business days. I have run it for a couple of weeks since then with absolutely no issues, I highly recommend them to anyone needing a courteous, fast and reliable repair service. - 1 year ago 

  • Karena Ye AvatarKarena Ye

    Frances and Carl are lifesavers! Not only is their service incredibly fast, but far more affordable than licensed Apple stores. After spilling liquid on my keyboard, I took my laptop to a licensed Apple store and was appalled at the service. Not only did they charge a diagnostic fee, but also damaged parts of the hardware during the diagnosis. They wanted to charge me for a brand new part of everything that was damaged including the part they damaged themselves, amounting to nearly $1000. After bringing my laptop to IT Tech Online, they were able to fix my laptop for significantly cheaper because they actually repair the damage rather than simply ordering new parts. I received my laptop back in just one day and it worked like brand new. Carl's IT expertise are absolutely unparalleled. After this experience, I will never trust another licensed Apple store with my computer, and will definitely be placing my computer in Carl's capable hands if I ever need help again. - 1 year ago 

    Guy & Debbie MacDonald AvatarGuy & Debbie MacDonald

    I had all but given up on ever getting my MacBook Pro 17” working again!I found a replacement logic board that they were selling online but Frances quickly told me they could do something better.Immediately I thought better meant more expense but I was wrong. They fixed my Laptop cheaper than replacing the logic board that would have still had the inherent flaw that caused the breakdown.The repair was done so promptly and I am back to using my MacBook for much less money than a new one.Thanks to the team at IT-Tech Online! - 1 year ago 

    Don Wallis AvatarDon Wallis

    I brought my daughter's 2011 Macbook Pro here after Apple had pronounced it 'Vintage and therefore no parts available'. Further, I was told that, even if parts had been available, the cost of repair would be prohibitive. Carl at IT-Tech Online identified problems and came up with an economical and efficient solution within two hours. Thank you Carl and Frances for restoring the life of this Macbook at a fraction of the price of having to buy another. - 2 years ago 


We regularly post on Google My Business where we show how we tackle Apple computer problems. As a leading company of MacBook logic board repair, we also share our knowledge, experiences and new findings in great details with our computer service community on our blog. 

Are you an Apple authorised service provider?

No. Every time a faulty logic board is repaired, Apple loses an opportunity to sell you a new laptop. In this sense, we are indirectly a competitor to Apple by saving you money. Under Apple’s current repair policy, an authorised repairer is NOT allowed to repair the logic board, ONLY allowed to replace it if a “refurbished" logic board is available from Apple. Since Mac logic board repair is our specialty, we will not give up our specialty in order to become an authorised repairer. We are proud to say that we provide specialist Macbook repair services in Melbourne that the Apple genius bars, Apple authorised service providers, and most of the local computer stores cannot offer. 

MacBook Repairs Outline | two-level repair process

1. Basic MacBook repairs:

An Apple laptop consists of the following parts: screen, keyboard, touchpad, battery, hard drive, Wifi card, logic board, and connecting cables. The objective is to identify the faulty part and replace it. This part-replacing type of MacBook repairs are relatively simple and can be done in one business day if the spare parts in stock. We offer competitive prices for the following MacBook repairs in Melbourne:

  1. * MacBook screen replacement or repair
  2. * MacBook keyboard replacement
  3. * MacBook battery replacement
  4. * MacBook trackpad replacement or repair
  5. * MacBook SSD upgrades  and data recovery
  6. * Mac data backup and OS reload
  7. * MacBook Wifi card replacement
  8. * MacBook USB & I/O board replacement
  9. * MacBook logic board replacement.

The majority of Mac repair providers, including Apple stores and authorised repairers,  provide services at this level only. We not only provide these basic Mac repair services in Melbourne but also extend our services deep into the high-tech core section of Apple computer – Mac logic board. It is Mac logic board combined with macOS makes an Apple computer unique to a PC.

2. Advanced MacBook repairs (chip-level repairs):

We provide one-stop Mac repair services in Melbourne for MacBook Air, MacBook Pro and the recent models of MacBook Pro with Touchbar. If a faulty logic board is found in your MacBook while we perform the basic Apple laptop repair, we will inform you before starting the chip-level repair. At this level, we work on individual MacBook logic board components (or chips) such as CPUs, GPUs, ICs, transistors, resistors, capacitors and so on. The objective is to identify the faulty chips among the many thousands on the board and then replace them without damaging the surrounding chips. We repeat this process until all faulty chips are found and replaced, and all the functionality and stability tests have been passed. In order to perform the task effectively and economically, one needs specific electronic knowledge, detective reasoning skills, micro-soldering skills, experience, proper equipment and most importantly: a comprehensive understanding of the Apple mac logic board designs – the electronic schematic diagrams.

MacBook Water Damage Repair Procedure

MacBook water damage accounts for a majority of failures in MacBook Air, MacBook Pro and MacBook ProTouchbar computers. Subjecting your Macbook to water can result in mild damage such as keyboard failure to fatal damage such as CPU destroyed or a burned hole on the logic board. We will pull out the logic board and inspect it under a microscope. All the burned and corroded chips will be replaced. For the remaining faulty chips that cannot be spotted by a microscope, we use the Apple logic board schematic diagrams and advanced equipment for troubleshooting them. After it has been repaired, the logic board will be cleaned in an ultrasonic cleaner and dried up in an oven, ready for assembly.  

The MacBook screen, case, keyboard, touchpad, and the battery may also need to be cleaned or replaced depending on the situation. All parts will then be re-assembled back into the MacBook case for a final comprehensive test.

MacBook Pro Graphics Card Issue

Some MacBook Pro models are prone to GPU failure. The 2011 A1286 15" model and the A1297 17" model are at the top of that list. We have developed permanent solutions to solve the problems by removing the faulty AMD GPU and rewiring the screen directly to the Intel intergraded graphics chip. We rolled out these services to fix the MacBook Pro graphics card in December 2016 when Apple ended the GPU recall program. Since then we have done hundreds of units with no single return for a second repair, no software compatibility issues, no firmware upgrade issues and no PRAM reset issues. It is the best trouble-free solution on the market.

About us

We started IT-Tech Online in 2000 and have been providing high-quality Apple computer repair services in Melbourne ever since. We’re driven by our dedication to being the best computer repair service in Australia and know our customers feel the difference.

MacBook Repairs in Melbourne

Background: The MacBook is very clean, no water no physical damage. A report from an Apple Authorized Service Provider has suggested replacing the logic board. ...
Background: New MacBook Pro 15″ has been water-damaged, fully functional except the touch bar not working. Apple quoted $2000 for replacing the entire logic board. ...
Background: The MacBook had been damaged by water and had been cleaned by a local computer store in Queensland but still not working. The owner ...
Background: MacBook Air 11″ fully functional except no Wi-Fi. Apple quoted $700 for replacing the whole logic board. Macbook model: A1466 Year: 2015 Logic Board ...
Are you looking for Apple Mac Repairs? Look no further than IT-Tech Online. We have nearly 20 years of experience repairing a range of Mac ...
MacBook Model: MacBook Pro 15” 2015 A1398 Fault Descriptions: Water damaged, no power, no green light. Investigation: Charging circuit burn badly, CPU core power rail ...
Customer: Gary, TAS 7000 Machine Model: MacBook Pro 15″ A1707 Fault Descriptions: No power at all, liquid damage, written off on insurance. Investigation: Liquid entered ...
MacBook Air 2018, model number A1932, logic board number 820-01521-A. No power after liquid spill on the keyboard. After repairing the USB-C charging circuit of ...
MacBook Air Liquid Damage: MacBook Air 13 inch, Model A1466, the Year 2015, Logic Board Number 820-00165. This MacBook Air laptop can be powered up ...
If you’re reading this, there is a high chance you are facing a MacBook water damage disaster. Maybe you accidentally knocked a glass of water ...
Customer: Julie, WA 6156 Machine Model: 15” MacBook Pro A1286 Year 2011 Fault Descriptions: Grey screen with wavy lines, cannot log in most of time. ...
Customer: Andrew, WA 6076 Machine Model: 17” MacBook Pro A1297 Year 2011 Fault Descriptions: Grey screen with vertical lines, cannot log in most of time. ...
MacBook Pro GPU failures are widespread issues on the 2011 A1286 15″ model. Back in late 2013, we developed the permanent solutions to solve the ...
17″ A1297 MacBook Pro 2011 GPU failed. We have developed permanent solutions to solve the problems by removing the faulty AMD GPU and rewiring the ...
This article is for MacBook logic board component-level repair professionals, written by IT-Tech Online, the MacBook repair specialist in Melbourne, Australia. Mac data recovery from a malfunction ...
Once upon a time, Mac data recovery didn’t pose much of a challenge. This was because previously, Macbook computers had removable spinning hard-disk drives (HDD) ...

Blog - MacBook Repair Melbourne

Apple MacBooks are the most sought after laptop products because of their hardware build quality and optimised dedicated macOS. They are very reliable products that ...
MacBook Model: MacBook Pro 15” 2015 A1398 Fault Descriptions: Water damaged, no power, no green light. Investigation: Charging circuit burn badly, CPU core power rail ...
Customer: Gary, TAS 7000 Machine Model: MacBook Pro 15″ A1707 Fault Descriptions: No power at all, liquid damage, written off on insurance. Investigation: Liquid entered ...
MacBook Air 2018, model number A1932, logic board number 820-01521-A. No power after liquid spill on the keyboard. After repairing the USB-C charging circuit of ...
Background: The MacBook is very clean, no water no physical damage. A report from an Apple Authorized Service Provider has suggested replacing the logic board. ...
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