Macbook Logic Board Replacement Prices

MacBook logic board replacement

We stock high quality, fully-tested MacBook Pro logic board and MacBook Air logic board. These are the same models with the same part numbers as your logic board and are guaranteed to be fully compatible with your MacBook. If you are an end-user, we will install the MacBook Pro logic board or MacBook Air logic board for you in our shop. You have the option to trade-in your old logic board to offset the installation fee and help to reduce e-waste in Australia. You may choose to post the MacBook to us for MacBook logic board replacement if you are not in Melbourne.

MacBook Logic board replacement is the most expensive method to get your Mac laptop working again. It should be the last option you need to consider before purchasing a new Apple Mac laptop. Most logic boards being written-off as “dead” and “un-repairable” by the Apple Genius Bar technicians are indeed repairable at a lower cost. Many of our customers who initially requested board replacement eventually found out that their logic board can be fixed therefore paid less. Find more of our industry-leading Macbook logic board repair service.

MacBook logic board replacement cost

MacBook logic board replacement cost is determined by the MacBook model, year of manufacture,  onboard CPU and RAM configuration. Usually, the recent model of the logic board will cost more,  especially for the touch bar model in which the SSD chips are soldered onboard (256 GB, 512 GB or 1 TB solid state drive capacity). Below are the price lists of our most popular MacBook Pro logic board and MacBook Air logic board. These Macbook logic boards are shorted by year from 2008 to 2018 including the 13″ and 15″ MacBook Pro with touch bar. Our logic boards and our work are covered by a 90-day return-to-base warranty.​ Please contact us if you can not find the right logic board for your Mac here or if you are not sure which logic board is the right one for your MacBook.

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