MacBook Pro SSD Upgrade

Do you have a Macbook or iMac? Do you feel that you could be getting more out of it? Do you long for the days when your computer was brand new? When it booted up in a snap, and ran without a hitch? Then our Mac SSD upgrade service is the service for you! This service includes our MacBook Pro SSD upgrade and iMac SSD upgrade options.



Why SSD upgrade?

The 2008-2012 MacBook Pro with a non-retina screen came with a conventional spinning hard drive. This old-style hard drive is the bottleneck of your Apple Mac. Every time you upgrade the macOS to the newer version, you will find out that the laptop is slower than before.

Common signs of poor computer health include; slow startup times, sluggish performance while using large apps and system crashes.

If this sounds like your computer, then you might be thinking about replacing your computer. But why replace your computer when we can perform a MacBook Pro SSD upgrade for you at an affordable price? Why should you buy a new computer for thousands upon thousands of dollars, when you could have your current one restored to its original glory?

Upgrading your computer is cheaper and easier than you would think! You can now breathe new life into your Mac in one simple step, by replacing its traditional spinning Hard Drive (HDD) with a Solid State Drive (SSD).

Upgrading your Macbook’s HDD to an SDD can boost your computers speed up to 10 times.  Upgrade your MacBook Pro with an SSD drive today and say goodbye to the “spinning ball".

How much does it cost to upgrade MacBook Pro to SSD?

IT-Tech Online offers high-quality Macbook Pro SSD upgrade services at competitive prices. Our services include data transfer. We will completely transfer everything from the old drive to the new SSD drive.

MacBook Pro SSD Upgrade Price List

SSD Drives for MacBook Pro Price AUD
Apple original SSD Drive 128 GB
Apple original SSD Drive 256 GB
Apple original SSD Drive 512 GB
Apple original SSD Drive 1 TB
SATA SSD Drive 240 GB
SATA SSD Drive 480 GB

MacBook Air SSD Upgrade Price List

Apple original SSD Drives Price AUD
Solid State Drive (SSD) 512GB
Solid State Drive (SSD) 256GB
Solid State Drive (SSD) 120GB
Solid State Drive (SSD) 1TB
Solid State Drive (SSD) 768GB

Why should you invest in a Macbook Pro SSD upgrade?

Many professionals agree that by implementing a Macbook Hard Drive replacement you will be ensuring speedier apps, snappier computer start-up times and an extended running life for your computer. In fact, the biggest speed increase that a computer can get is from Mac SSD upgrade. 

Swapping your old HDD for a new SSD is a super-efficient and affordable way to improve your computer’s performance speeds by at least 5 times its original speed.


Why are SSDs better than HDDs?

A Macbook Hard Drive replacement is hands down, the best way to improve your computer’s functionality and performance. SSDs are more reliable, durable, energy-efficient and much quieter than traditional hard drives that use magnetic, spinning disks.

Because SSDs don’t have any moving parts they can read and write information up to 10 times faster than traditional mechanical Hard Drives. Upgrading to an SSD, also inadvertently improves your computer’s short-term memory or RAM. Resulting in three main improvements to your computer; 1. Faster boot-up times, 2. Quicker applications and 3. Expedient data retrieval times (if you would also like to upgrade your Macbook RAM, we offer this additional service).

By investing in a Macbook Pro SSD upgrade you will be able to improve your computers read/write speeds, memory size, capacity and reliability.

The way that SSDs are made also ensures that they are more resistant to shock, vibration and movement – making them far more durable than HDDs. This is why most new Macs and the vast majority of all modern laptops now come with SSDs instead of HDDs.

Therefore, making a Mac SSD upgrade the quickest, easiest and cheapest way to boost your computer’s performance, in a blink of an eye.

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