Mac Data Recovery

Data recovery on Mac costs $200-$700, depending on the Mac model. We provide priority same-day Mac data recovery services in Melbourne. Whether your Mac suffers from no power, not booting, physical damage or liquid damage, our affordable data recovery on Mac services will get your essential data back fast. 

Data recovery on Mac

IT-Tech Online is a top Mac data recovery specialist in Melbourne. Our high success rates support and maintain our No-Data-No-Fee policy. Therefore we don’t charge an assessment fee or minimum fee for an unsuccessful job.  If we cannot recover your data, you pay absolutely nothing.


We offer a full range of Apple Mac data recovery services for all Mac computers, including MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, iMac and Mac Mini as listed below. Looking for a Mac hard drive recovery service in Melbourne?  IT-Tech Online is the best Mac doctor for you.  Contact or Talk to our experts on 03-9563 8588 and get your valuable data back today!


Mac Data Recovery Melbourne Pricing

Our Mac data recovery prices are based on the difficulty of the recovery process. Apple uses various types of data storage technology in different models. For example, file recovery from a Mac hard drive that uses a removable SSD is much easier than a new Mac that uses onboard SSD and Apple T2 security encryption technology. So the costs are different.


You may trade in your failed Mac to cover some or even the total cost of data recovery and help to reduce electronic waste. The trade-in value depends on the Mac model and condition. We will let you know before we start the job. Most customers from interstate and overseas choose to trade in their Macs.

Data recovery for Macbook Air

MacBook Airs manufactured from 2010 to 2017 used removable SSD drives. We can remove the SSD drive from your failed MacBook Air and put it into a working Mac to recover the data. We can provide this Mac SSD data recovery service on the same day.

Costs of Data Recovery on Macbook Airs :

MacBook Description Price AUD Model Number
13" MacBook Air 2010 – 2011
13" MacBook Air 2012 – 2017
11" MacBook Air 2010 – 2011
11" MacBook Air 2012 – 2017

Data recovery for Macbook Pro

The MacBook Pros manufactured from 2008 to 2015 came with a removable spinning hard disk drive (HDD) or a removable SSD drive. The HDD or SSD drives can be removed from the failed MacBook Pro and installed in a working Apple Mac to retrieve the data. We can recover the files from your Mac on the same day.

Costs of Data Recovery on Macbook Pros:

MacBook Description Price AUD Model Number
13" MacBook Pro 2008 – 2012
15" MacBook Pro 2008 – 2012
13" MacBook Pro Retina 2012-2015
A1425, A1502
15" MacBook Pro Retina 2012-2015
13" MacBook Pro 2016 -2017

MacBook data recovery from onboard SSD drive

In 2015-2016, Apple started to use onboard SSD technology in MacBook A1534 and MacBook Pro A1706, A1707. We will either repair the logic board or use the Apple data migration toolkit to retrieve your data, depending on your Mac’s condition and requirements. We will work out the best solution for you. You have the option to trade in your failed Mac to offset the cost of the file recovery service. We offer priority same-day Mac files recovery services by booking. Talk to our experts on (03) 9563 8588 if you have any concerns.

Costs of MacBook data Recovery from onboard SSD:

MacBook Description Price AUD Model Number
12" MacBook 2015 – 2017
13" MacBook Pro Touchbar 2016-2017
15" MacBook Pro Touchbar 2016-2017

Data recovery for MacBook with Apple T2 security chip

Apple used onboard SSD and T2 security encryption technology for all the post-2017 Mac laptops. We need to repair the failed Mac logic board and make your Mac functional before retrieving the data. It will take up to four working days, depending on the degree of damage to your logic board. 

Costs of Data Recovery on Macbooks with T2 Chip:

MacBook Description Price AUD Model Number
13" MacBook Air 2018-2021
A1932, A2179, A2337
13" MacBook Pro 2018-2021
A1989, A2159, A2251, A2289
13" MacBook Pro M1 2020
15" MacBook Pro 2018-2019
16" MacBook Pro 2019-2021
14" MacBook Pro 2021

iMac data recovery and Mac Mini data recovery

Apple uses a conventional spinning hard drive or fusion drive in its iMacs up to 2020. We can get back your data on the same day with a booking. 

iMac Data Recovery and Mac Mini data recovery costs:

Mac Description Price AUD Model Number
20 " iMac 2007-2008
21.5” iMac 2009-2019
A1311, A1418
24” iMac 2007-2009
27” iMac 2009-2019
1312, A1419
27” iMac with fusion drive 2012-2019

What if I am not in Melbourne?

If you are in Australia but not in Melbourn, add $30 for return express postage and insurance. If we cannot recover your data,  you only pay $50 for return express postage and handling. There is no extra cost for local-pickup customers.

Why choose IT-Tech Online for data recovery?

Data loss is a very stressful issue. The conventional data recovery solutions will not work for the Mac that uses Apple T2 security encryption technology. If the first attempt of data recovery fails, the second attempt will be much harder, even for the top Professionals. Sometimes there is no second chance at all as the first attempt has already destroyed the data. Therefore, place your valuable data in the hand of reputable industry-leading professionals is crucial.

We are a leading Mac repair specialist in Australia with over 20 years of experience. We have the knowledge, expertise and equipment to handle the complexity of Apple Mac computers. 

Our Mac data recovery service is for you, whether you want to get back your priceless photos from your dead Mac or urgently need the documents in the failed Mac for business presentation. We can quickly recover the data for you and give you peace of mind. Contact us and get your valuable data back today!

Why does it cost more to recover data from the newer Mac?

Data recovery from a failed Mac used to be a simple task as all those Apple computers come with a removable HDD or SSD drive. We can remove the HDD or SSD drive from the malfunctioning Mac, put it into a working Mac, and start the data transfer process immediately. Sometimes we need some data recovery software to assist the data transfer process. In extreme cases, we need to replace the data read-write head or the control board inside an HDD drive. Armed with these tools and techniques, we don’t have to know how the HDD/SSD internal circuitry work and still can achieve a high data recovery success rate. Unfortunately, these Mac data recovery methods will not work on the new MacBooks.

Started in 2015-16, Apple used onboard SSD technology in Mac laptops. There is no removable HDD/SSD drive anymore. Instead, the SSD chips are integrated (soldered) on the logic board. Furthermore, Apple introduced “Apple T2 Security” encryption technology in 2018. The T2 security chip will encrypt the data before storing it in the SSD chips.

Mac logic board with T2 chip

Apple has blocked all the shortcut pathways that we use to access the data on the logic board. Mac data recovery becomes a challenging task, especially from a water-damaged MacBook. The only way to recover the data is to repair the logic board and make the MacBook at least temporarily working. If the logic board is not repairable, the data will be definitely gone.

To repair the logic board effectively and economically, one needs electronic knowledge, detective reasoning skills, micro-soldering skills, experience, proper equipment and most importantly: a comprehensive understanding of the “core" design of the Apple logic board. Unfortunately, very few companies can perform this task effectively – and even less still in Australia. We are proud to be one of them.

Is there a tool that can retrieve data from onboard SSD chips?

Yes. There is a connector called “lifeboat” on the logic board of A1706, and A1707 MacBook Pro manufactured from 2016 to 2017. We use the " Apple Data Migration Toolkit " to recover data from a non-functional Mac of these models. The tool provides power directly to the SSD chips on the faulty logic board and uses the PCI-E bus to retrieve the data from the lifeboat connector to a working Mac, as shown in the photo below. For more on this topic, please visit our blog post How To Recover Data From A Dead MacBook Pro A1707 With Touch Bar

Data recovery from Macbook Pro via lifeboat connector

Why can’t the Genius Bar technicians help you even though they have the tool?

In practice, the tools alone cannot help much. Liquid spills are responsible for most dead Macs. In these dead Macs, shorted circuits could be anywhere, and the PCI-E bus and other control signals may not be functional at all. It is common to see the “lifeboat" connector destroyed, as shown below:

burned lifeboat connector

If the “lifeboat" is not functional, we need to repair the SSD circuits section of the logic board. If the “lifeboat” connector is destroyed, we need to rewire the power rail and control signals to a temporally “lifeboat” to retrieve your data. The Genius Bar technicians cannot provide this kind of component-level logic board repair service, so their success rate is significantly lower than ours.

Is there a “lifeboat" connector on my 2018 MacBook Air or MacBook Pro?

No. Apple has removed the “lifeboat" connector from all 2018 Mac laptops. We must fully repair the logic boards to recover the data from the SSD chips in these models. Therefore, the data recovery success rate is significantly low compared with the MacBooks that have lifeboat connectors. Once the logic board is not repairable, all the data in the logic board will be gone. It is crucial to backup data regularly to iCloud, network storage or simply an external USB drive. The macOS inbuilt app “Time Machine (macOS)" is the most accessible and convenient software to back up your data. Once you set up the software, it will regularly backup your data automatically to an external device. In other words, “Time Machine (macOS)" is the fastest and cheapest way for Mac data recovery.

Contact us and get your data back today!

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