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Data loss is a very stressful issue. Place your valuable data in the hand of reputable professionals is very important. If the first attempt of data recovery fails, the second attempt will be much harder even for the top Pros. Sometimes there is no second chance at all as the first attempt has destroyed the data already. IT-Tech online is the leading MacBook repair specialist in Melbourne. We offer a full range of Mac data recovery services including MacBook data recovery, MacBook Pro data recovery, MacBook Air data recovery and iMac data recovery. We specialise in MacBook Pro A1706, A1707, A1989, A1990 data recovery.

1. MacBook Pro touch bar data recovery

This MacBook Pro data recovery service covers all touch bar models including A1706, A1707, A1989, A1990 Mac laptops.

Why do I need the Mac data recovery service?

Mac data recovery was simple until Apple introduced MacBook Pro touch bar models in 2016. The SSD drives in these A1706 and A1707 models are non-removable and soldered to the logic board. Basically, it means that once the logic board is faulty, the data in the SSD will not be accessible. A special tool can be used to connect to a port called a “lifeboat” of the non-functional logic board. The data will be transferred from the “lifeboat" port to a working Mac.

How does the data recovery tool work?

​The tool provides power directly to the SSD chips on the faulty logic board and uses the PCI-E bus to retrieve the data just like the CPU does in a working MacBook. If the data is password-protected then the user’s password is needed in order to retrieve the data successfully.

Mac Data Recovery - Mac Repair

Mac Data Recovery - Lifeboat

Why can’t the Genius Bar technicians help you even though they have the tools available?

In practice, the tools alone cannot help much as the majority of dead Macs were destroyed by liquid spills. In these dead Macs, shorted circuits could be anywhere and the PCI-E bus and other control signals may not be functional at all. It is common to see the “lifeboat" connector totally destroyed as shown below:

Mac Data Recovery - Mac Connector

If the “lifeboat" is not functional, we need to repair the particular section of the logic board to the point that a working PCI-E bus and power can be delivered to the SSD chip safely. If the “lifeboat” connector is destroyed, we need to rewire the power rail, PCI-E signals and other control signals to a temporally “lifeboat” to retrieve your data. The Genius Bar technicians cannot provide this kind of component-level logic board repair services so their success rate is much lower than ours. Usually, there is an extra charge if the port is not working and needs repair before data recovery.

IT-Tech Online specialises in Mac data recovery. Data recovery from 13" and 15" MacBook Pro touch bar (2016-2017) will cost $299 – $599 depending on the difficulty of restoring the “lifeboat" functions on the logic board.

Is there a “lifeboat" port on my 2018 MacBook Air or MacBook Pro Touchbar?

No. Apple has removed “lifeboat" ports from all 2018 MacBook Pro Touchbar and the new MacBook Air 2018.

In order to recover the data from the SSD chips in these models, the logic boards must be repaired to fully functional. Therefore, the success rate of data recovery will be significantly reduced compared to the ones with “lifeboat" ports. Once the logic board in these post-2017 MacBooks can not be repaired, all the data in the logic board will be gone. It is extremely important to backup data regularly to iCloud, network storage or simply an external USB drive.

Below is a list of MacBooks with the SSD chips soldered onboard but NO “lifeboat" ports provided. The costs of data recovery from these Macs are:

  •      *  12" MacBook 2015 – 2016 Model# A1534 data recovery cost $499
  •      *  13" MacBook Pro Touchbar 2018 Model# A1989 data recovery cost $699
  •      *  15" MacBook Pro Touchbar 2018 Model# A1990 data recovery cost $699
  •      *  13" MacBook Air 2018 Model# A1932 data recovery cost $799

Mac Data Recovery - Macbook Pro 2018 logic board with NO lifeboat port

2. MacBook Pro data recovery

The MacBook Pro 2008 to 2015 models came with a removable spinning hard disk drive (HDD) or a removable SSD drive. The 13" and 15" MacBook Pro Non-Touch Bar model 2016-17 also came with a removable SSD.  This type of MacBook Pro Data recovery does not require to repair the logic board. The HDD or SSD drives can be removed from the failed MacBook Pro and installed in a working Apple Mac to retrieve the data. Below is a  list of MacBook Pros with a removable HDD or SSD. MacBook Pro data recovery will cost:


  •      *  13" MacBook Pro 2008 – 2012 Model# A1278 data recovery cost $200
  •      *  15" MacBook Pro 2008 – 2012 Model#  A1286 data recovery cost $200 
  •      *  13" MacBook Pro Retina 2012 – 2015 Model# A1502 data recovery cost $250
  •      *  15" MacBook Pro Retina 2012 – 2015 Model# A1398 data recovery cost $250
  •      *  13" MacBook Pro 2016 -2017 Model# A1708 data recovery cost $350

3. Macbook air data recovery

All Macbook Air laptops except the 2018 model came with a removable SSD drive. This type of MacBook Air data recovery does not require to fix the failed  MacBook Air logic board. We can remove the SSD drive from the failed MacBook Air and put it into a working Apple laptop to recover the data. MacBook Air data recovery will cost: 

  •      *  13" MacBook Air 2010 – 2011 Model# A1369 data recovery cost $250
  •      *  13" MacBook Air 2012 – 2017 Model# A1466 data recovery cost $280
  •      *  11" MacBook Air 2010 – 2011 Model# A1370 data recovery cost $250
  •      *  11" MacBook Air 2012 – 2017 Model# A1465 data recovery cost $280 

4. iMac Data recovery

Have you ever been in a situation when you prepare the presentation documents for tomorrow’s meeting and your iMac suddenly stopped? Our iMac data recovery service can quickly retrieve the data for you and give you peace of mine. No matter your iMac suffers power supply failure, logic board failure, iMac GPU failure or just black screen, we get it covered. The cost of this service is $250~$350 depending on the iMac model.

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