MacBook Keyboard Replacement

MacBook keyboard not working? Our MacBook keyboard replacement service is for you. MacBook keyboard replacement will cost $180- 350 depending on your MacBook model. Also, the keyboards on the newer MacBooks are more expensive as they have extra in-built chips to control the system fans. IT-Tech Online provides professional MacBook keyboard repair services at affordable prices. We can get your MacBook back to work fast. We stock a full range of MacBook keyboards and the keyboard replacement can be done in one business day. No matter what model your MacBook is, we’ve got it covered. 

Macbook Pro Keyboard Replacement Cost:

MacBook Pro Description Price (AUD) Macbook Model
13" Macbook Pro 2009-2012 Keyboard
15" Macbook Pro 2009-2012 Keyboard
13" Macbook Pro 2012-2015 Keyboard
A1425, A1502, A1582
15" Macbook Pro 2012-2015 Keyboard
13" Macbook Pro 2016-2018 Butteyfly Keyboard
A1706, A1708, A1989
15" Macbook Pro 2016-2018 Butterfly Keyboard
A1707, A1990
17" Macbook Pro 2009-2011 Keyboard

Macbook Air Keyboard Replacement Cost:

MacBook Air Description Price (AUD) MacBook Model
11" Macbook Air 2010-2011 Keyboard
13" Macbook Air 2010-2011 Keyboard
11" Macbook Air 2012-2017
13" Macbook Air 2012-2017 Keyboard
13" Macbook Air with Touch ID 2018
12" Macbook Retina 2015-2017 Keyobard

The MacBook keyboard is one of the most-used components of the device. After exposed to dust, dirt, food and drink day after day, the dedicated Apple MacBook keyboard will eventually fail. Due to the design of Apple laptop, the Apple keyboard replacement is a time-consuming task. This is why Apple will not replace the keyboard alone. Instead, Apple stores and Apple authorised repairers will replace the whole top case assembly including the top case, keyboard and battery (clued to the top case) at a high cost to customers.

IT-Tech Online offers competitive prices for MacBook keyboard repair services including MacBook Pro keyboard replacement, MacBook Air keyboard replacement, MacBook Pro butterfly keyboard replacement. If your battery is fine, only the MacBook keyboard not working, we will replace the keyboard only. So you pay less. We offer same-day services and all our work is guaranteed. 

MacBook keyboard not working issue sometimes is caused by faulty MacBook trackpad.  Apple places the keyboard controller and control firmware in the trackpad circuit instead on the logic board(motherboard). This is a feather of Apple’s laptop design. So if your whole MacBook keyboard not working except the power button, you most likely have the trackpad issue, not the keyboard issue. Of course, if you have few sticky keys, or some keys are not working, especially after a liquid spill on the keyboard, then you definitely need to replace the keyboard. Talk to our friendly experts if you have any concern. 

MacBook Pro battery replacement

MacBook keyboard replacement procedures:

In order to replace the keyboard, we have to remove anything before we can access the keyboard. This is a time-consuming task. If you want to replace the keyboard yourself, special attention is needed for removing the dedicated logic board and MacBook screen. From time to time we receive physical-damaged logic board repair work from DIY customers. Most of the physical-damaged boards are due to resistors, capacitors or connectors being knocked off, resulting in no power or not working properly.

When you bring in your MacBook to our store, our staff will power up your MacBook with our external test drive. With our own error-free software up and running, we are able to eliminate any software issues that could cause the MacBook keyboard not work. When the keyboard hardware issue is confirmed, the MacBook will be passed to our skilled technicians to carry out the keyboard replacement task outlined below.

1. Open the back case and disconnect the battery connector to prevent short-circuit to the logic board.

2. Remove all screws and connectors,  remove the logic board from the case.

3. Remove screen assembly from the case.

4. Remove I/O board if there is any.

5. Remove cooling fans, speakers.

6. Remove the battery from the case.

7. Remove touchpad and cable.

8. Secure the top case on the table. Pull the keyboard on the edge hard in order to break the rivets. Apple uses rivets to joined the keyboard to the top case instead of screws. This is the reason we need to remove the screen assembly before removing the keyboard.

9. Use a special tool to remove all the remaining rivets on the top case.

10. Clean the top case and put on a new keyboard. Fasten the keyboard to the case with tiny screws.

12. Assemble back all the components in the reverse order.

13. Power up the MacBook, test EVERY key and make sure they are all functional and well responsive.

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