Apple MacBook flexgate repair

MacBook Pro backlight issue

Apple MacBook flexgate repair costs $350-$400, depending on your MacBook model. We provide professional MacBook display repair services at affordable prices. We can fix the Apple flexgate issue on the same day.

What is Apple MacBook flexgate issue?

MacBook flexgate refers to the design flaw of the MacBook screens manufactured in 2016-2017. The backlight cables are prone to be broken due to extended stretch.

When these flexible cables bend with the display and become worn down, this will lead to some backlights in the display failing. The uneven backlights in the screen can eventually lead to a completely dark screen when the display is tilted further.

Macbook screen backlight cable broken

This problem arose in 2018 and has persisted up until now. Since the nature of this problem only occurred when the Macbook Pro had aged, it was undiscovered at first and was only brought to attention when 2016 Macbook Pro models began to show signs of wearing down.

Apple MacBook Pro Display Backlight Service Program

Apple has taken note of the flexgate issue with the display and launched the MacBook Pro Display Backlight Service Program to service the affected MacBook free of charge. You can find out whether or not your MacBook is eligible for the backlight repair program on Apple’s website.

This extended warranty program is based on the purchase date of the device. In 2022, most Mac owners have found their devices not covered by the program. IT-Tech Online is a Mac repair specialist in Melbourne. We provide professional same-day repair service for the MacBook flexgate issue.

MacBook display flexgate issue repair options

If Apple’s warranty program does not cover your Mac that experienced the symptoms mentioned above,  you have a few options to get it fixed.

The fix requires micro soldering skills. As many computer repair shops don’t have the skill, it may not be easy to find a local repairer. You may need to post your Mac to other cities. Talk to your repairer to find out what techniques they will use to fix the MacBook backlight issue before sending to them.

Option 1: rejoin the broken wires

Remove the plastic material covering the cable wires and solder fine copper wires to join the flex cable. This is the easiest way to fix the issue, but it is a temporary solution only. The fix won’t last long as the flex cable is still too short for the fully-opened screen. We don’t use this solution.

Option 2: cut off the connector and join the cable to the circuit board with wires

Cut off the flex cable connector,  solder one end of the wires to the flex cable, the other end to the circuit board. This is an improved solution but still won’t last long if you often close and open the screen. In other words, it is still not a professional solution. We don’t use this solution either.

Macbook flexgate repair - wires option

Option 3: cut the old flex cable in half and solder a new cable on it

Cut off the old cable in half and solder a new flex cable to join the old cable. Make sure the repaired cable is just long enough when the MacBook display is fully-opened. This solution is the most economical way to permanently fix the broken flex cable. We use this technique.

Macbook Flexgate Repair Cost:

MacBook Description Price (AUD) MacBook Model
13" Macbook Pro 2016-2017 flexgate repair
A1706, A1708
15" Macbook Pro 2016-2017 flexgate repair
13" Macbook Air 2018-2019 flexgate repair
macbook flexgate repair - join able option

Option 4: remove the LCD panel and solder a new cable directly to the LED strip

Preheat the screen assemble, remove the LCD panel from the aluminium frame and solder a new flex cable to the LED backlight strip. Removing the LCD panel is a high-risk task as it could be easily damaged, even for an experienced techician. Also, this is a labour-intensive repair, and the cost is much higher. This solution is not cost-effective. We don’t recommend this solution.

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