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06 Sep

Are you looking for Apple Mac Repairs? Look no further than IT-Tech Online. We have nearly 20 years of experience repairing a range of Mac problems. We know how reliant you are on your laptop, so we offer a range of repair services, within 2-3 days. 

The Apple Macbook product line made its original debut way back in 1991. Throughout the years, there have been many iterations of the product range, under a variety of different names. Today, ‘Macbook’ encompasses a collection of laptop computers, including the Macbook Pro and Macbook Air. While Macbooks are great computers, they can be host to a range of issues, resulting in a need for Apple Mac repairs.

Our skilled technicians and engineers are experts in the area of Apple Mac repairs, which is why we are able to perform complex manufacturing restorations. At IT-Tech Online, we have two repair categories: Basic repairs and advanced repairs.

Apple Mac Repairs - Original Macintosh
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Basic Repair – Part Replacing

All Macbooks are made up of a set of components. These include elements you can see such as the screen, the keyboard and the touchpad. Others are internal, including the battery, hard drive, WiFi card and logic board. 

These elements are responsible for a series of complex functions, including facilitating user input, generating the computer’s display and coordinating internal communication between different parts of a Macbook’s hardware. 

Repairs within this category focus on identifying any faulty components and replacing the entire component. They rely on technical skill, in order to isolate which element is the problematic one. They also require the availability of spare parts. 

Basic repairs are widely performed. Common issues which require basic repairs include screen restorations, water damage repairs, and battery replacements.
Interestingly, most Macbook repair facilities are confined to performing this type of repair, as they do not have the resources to perform more advanced restorations. If you want to read about the technical process involved in basic Apple Mac repairs, we have detailed it for you here.

Apple Mac Repairs - Macbook Pro
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Advanced Repair – Manufacturing 

Have you ever taken your Macbook for repairs, only to be told there’s an issue with the logic board and it will cost you a small fortune to replace? Or worse, that you have to buy an entirely new computer? 

When we open up a Macbook to identify any issue, we often find that it’s actually a very small number or even just one chip responsible for the failure of the entire logic board. What sets us apart from our competitors is our capacity to restore issues with these isolated chips, without damaging the health of surrounding chips. These are advanced-level repairs, which require expert technicians. They differ from a basic repair as they resolve issues at a cellular level rather than replacing the entire element. 

The process of manufacturing repairs is a complex one and varies with each individual case. Successfully undertaking these repairs is contingent on a technician’s professional understanding of the Apple Mac logic board. 

It also relies on experience in microsoldering, which involves wiring components so tiny they can only be viewed through a microscopic lens. Our expert technicians also use deductive reasoning to form logical conclusions about what specific area is causing an issue to manifest. 

Our approach is not only a more cost-effective way of resolving problems with your Mac, but it also plays an integral role in reducing electronic waste, which is critical to the health of the environment. 

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