MacBook Pro flexgate repair mail-in service

We recognize the significance of your MacBook and the importance of your data. Our goal is to provide a personalized mail-in service that gives you peace of mind. To ensure a smooth repair process, our manager will provide you with a personal mobile phone number, allowing you to track the progress of your repair at any time.

Here is the procedure for our MacBook Pro flexgate repair mail-in service:


  1. Contact us through our online customer contact form or call us at (03)-9563 8588. Have your MacBook model number ready, which can be found on the back case.
  2. We will ask you a few questions over the phone to verify if your MacBook is indeed affected by the flexgate issue.
  3. Our manager will message you a photo of her business card, including the mail-in address, through a mobile phone. You can reach us anytime during the repair process using the provided mobile number.
  4. We strongly recommend using Australia Post to send your Mac, as it is preferable to avoid using cheap courier companies.
  5. Please do not include the charger when sending your MacBook. We will provide you with packing details to prevent any physical damage.
  6. Text us the tracking number so we can easily trace the parcel at any time.
  7. We will promptly notify you upon receiving your MacBook.
  8. We will thoroughly examine the backlight flex cable and test your Mac to confirm the flexgate issue. If we find anything unusual, we will contact you before proceeding with the repair.
  9. Once the repair is completed, we will send you photos of your MacBook’s login screen and the “About this Mac" screen, showcasing your MacBook’s serial number while booting from our external hard drive.
  10. You will receive an invoice via email, which includes the repair price plus $30 for return postage.
  11. Once we have received your payment, we will return your MacBook via express post and text you the shipping details.



* While the flexgate repair process does not affect the data in your MacBook, we recommend backing up your data before sending it out.

* We do not require your login password, as we use our external drive to boot and test your MacBook.

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