How to shut down a water-damaged MacBook

If you spilled a glass of water on your MacBook while it is on,  you need to switch off the MacBook immediately after the spill and never turn it on again.  Follow this instruction to ensure your beloved MacBook is repairable and at a much lower cost.

Hold down the power button for at least five seconds until the power is off and then release the button. Do not touch the button again; otherwise, you may accidentally turn it on. Forget about any unsaved documents, the sooner you cut the power, the safer your MacBook will be as well as the data in it.

Forget the old urban legend of using rice. It kills more MacBooks than others combined. Seek professional help asap.

IT-Tech Online is the insdustry-leading MacBook repair specialist in  Melbourne. We specialise in MacBook Air or MacBook Pro water damage repair.  We can bring your Macbook back to life in a couple of days at an affordable price.

Happy computing!

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